Stand Up for Stand Up

Now I don’t know about you, but I personally love standup comedy.  There is something pure and unique about one man standing on stage and pouring out frustration through comedy.  Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting down and putting on a Chris Rock or Louis C.K. standup special.  Many stand ups have parlayed their success on stage to movies and TV, but many keep coming back to live crowds.  Even with the threat of heckling or the like, many comedians do not feel complete unless they are on a stage.

Getting into standup is not the easiest thing for performers and its only slightly better for fans of the genre.  There are so many different types of stand ups that the choice can be overwhelming.  So I am going to recommend three comedians for you to listen to/ watch and decide what kind of comedy is right for you.  If you haven’t experienced stand up live, please do, it is truly a unique art form that is not represented much into today’s flood of popular culture.


The Recommendations:


1. George Carlin-


Image Credit: Time Magazine



To me he is the greatest stand up comedian of all time.  Political and vulgar, thought-provoking and honest, his comedy evoled from simple joke telling to becoming a new age philosopher.  No topic is taboo and no topic goes untouched.




2. Brian Regan-


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Regan is a clean comedian fit for the entire family.  His jokes play out like detailed stories that everyone can relate to.  His delivery and timing is superb and he has excellent command of the stage.  Without a doubt my favorite comedian who refrains from vulgar language and taboo subjects.


3. Norm McDonald-


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Odd, is the best word I can use to describe Norm.  His odd delivery and voice allow the viewer to be immersed into his set ups and punchlines.  His on stage personality is extremely unique and cannot be matched by any other current comedian.  You’ve proably seen him on movies and on Tv but definitely not like this.


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