What the Heck is Goulash?

My parents have been making this since I was a little kid. However, whenever I mention the word goulash, no one knows what I am talking about. I figured I give everyone the recipe to enlighten everyone.  I enjoy this recipe because you can pretty much add whatever you want to it; it’s very simple.

1 lb ground beef
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Pasta of your choosing
Vegetables of your choosing
Jar of savory beef gravy

1. Cook beef in large frying pan until brown
2. Cook pasta simultaneous, should take about 10 minutes or so
3. Drain beef
4. Add onion and garlic powder to taste
5. Add jar of beef gravy ( cook for 5 minutes if vegetables aren’t added)
6. Add vegetables such as corn, green beans, or diced potatoes if desired and cook for 5 minutes

Stayed tuned for my next post, I’ll be making steak!

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