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Week 5: Bye Week

Well since it’s a bye week, I decided to share one of my experiences at a Baltimore home game. If this doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what will…

That was the heart of the defense getting their “intros” before the game – Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. This was at last years home game VS AFC North opponent, Cincinnati Bengals.

Next week, the Ravens will take on the very injured Texans, but look to improve their record to 4-1.

Week 4: Baltimore VS New York (Jets)

What an ugly game. Although the Ravens’ defense came out on top in the end, winning the game 34-17. This game set a record for the most points scored, with only one TD coming from either team’s offense. The Jets and Ravens combined for 51 points. Flacco, having a terrible game went 10-31 with only 163 yards, 0TD and 1 interception. Rice led both  the receiving and rushing categories for the ravens, but still didn’t put up big numbers, getting 64 yards receiving and 66 yards rushing. But, he did get the only offensive touchdown of the game, on the ground.

Some Key Stats (Defense)

Webb – 1 INT returned 73 yards for 1TD

Johnson – 26 yd TD return for TD

McClain – 6 yd fumble return for TD


Top performer of the game goes to…. who else? Ravens D

 While the Ravens’ offense did next to nothing, the team still managed to put 34 points on the board. By looking at some of the stats you can see that 3 players who usually don’t score, had a big impact on the game through some key individual plays.

While tihs game was a great confidence booster for the Ravens’ D, they won’t beable to have performances like this every game. The offense needs to get it together if they are looking to go deep into the playoffs, as they are expected to do so. Joe Flacco needs to live up to the hype and get the critics off his back. He has all the weapons he needs and must make it evident that he is an elite quarterback in the NFL.

Next week the Ravens have a bye. The following week, they will host 3-2 Houston at home, who just came off a loss to Oakland. 


Week 3: Baltimore VS St. Louis

After the devastating (in my eyes) loss in week 2 VS Tennessee, Baltimore bounced back and crushed St. Louis. Newly acquired WR Torrey Smith caught 3 TD all in the first quarter to give the Ravens a quick lead. Smith’s first 3 NFL receptions all went for TDs totalling 133 yds. Not much more was needed out of the Ravens as they blew past the Rams 37-7.

Key Stats

Flacco – 27/48 for 389 yds, 3TD

Rice – 9 Carries for 81 yds, 5 Receptions 83 yds

Smith – 5 Receptions for 152 yds

Baltimore Man of the Week…. Torrey Smith


 An unbelievable performance by a rookie, with what looks to be a bright future. His blazing speed and athleticism allowed Smith to get by the corners, and Flacco to loft the ball in the air.

Next Week: The Ravens will host the Jets at home. This is a must win for the Ravens, as the Steelers are back to their usual selves, slowly climbing in the AFC and gaining momentum for the post season. The Jets are 2-1 coming off a tough loss VS Oakland.