Week 10: Baltimore VS Seattle

Well, the Birds never seize to amaze me. Coming off a strong win AT PITTSBURGH in week 9, the Ravens lose the the Seahawks 22-17. How does that happen? You tell me. This team seems as unpredictable as ever, with all 3 of their losses coming from terrible teams: Seahawks, Jaguars and Titans. All three games were away.

Key Stats

Rice – 5 Rushes for 27 Yards

Flacco – 255 YDS 1TD 1INT

Dickson – 10 REC 79YDS 2TD

Lynch – 32 Rush 109 YDS 1TD

The player of the game goes to…

THE Ed Dickson

A very solid game by the go to tight end. pulling in 2 receptions in the loss…

First of all, Cam Cameron has no business being offensive coordinator for a team above Pee Wee football. When you have one of the best running backs in the league who gets the ball only 5 times a game, and you have an average quarterback who throws the ball 51 times, you definitely can’t have a complete, functioning brain.


Next week, the Ravens face a competitive AFC North rival, Cincinnati Bengals. With a loss, the Ravens would have to lay catch up on the Steelers and Bengals for the remainder of the season.

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