Hot Wings + Beer

In this blog you will follow me on my quest to find the perfect hot wing. I will be pairing each new wing with a different beer and give a comprehensive review of both.

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I finally drank an import beer to review and although it is one of my preferred lagers, it is nothing to write home about.

Appearance: Pale yellow with little or no head

Smell: Has a skunky lager odor

Taste: More crisp than smooth.  There is a sweetness in the middle that fades quickly as soon as the finish kicks in with its dryness.

Notes: Not a bad imported lager … But it is definitely not worth the import price.  I would much rather have a microbrew

Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

I picked up this beer because it had the same description as purple haze(which I absolutely loved). This beer however I do not love at all. With purple haze the fruit flavor is not overpowering and just adds a nice crisp finish. This Shock Top is all fruit! It tastes like someone took a bud light and just poured raspberry concentrate in it.

If you you fruity beers that don’t taste like beer at all then you might like this. But it is not for me

Goodfellas Hot Wings







Oh my, where do I begin with these wings.  First thing you will notice on the picture is that their are old french fries on top of the wings.  They look horrible and they did not taste much better.  The sauce was the only good thing about these.  It was spicy (but not spicy enough) and had some extra flavors going on in it, but thats about it.  The wings were just crap.  They lacked quality, size, crispiness and and taste.

So far these are the worst I have had, So do not go to Goodfellas for wings, you will be surely disappointed.

The best part of this meal was the celery and blue cheese…. thats sad

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Purple Haze


Purple haze is definitely one of my personal favorites. It is an amazing blackberry wheat beer brewed in Lousisiana.

Appearance: Cloudy/Golden

Smell: You can smell the blackberry right away and you can just smell that it is going to taste delicious

Taste: The first thing you taste is the berry.  It is one of the crispest beers I have ever drank. Honestly I love it is the perfect balance between lightness and taste

Overall: It’s a GREAT beer and probably in my top 3

Verona Pizza









Many of you have not heard of Verona Pizza unless you live around Upper Darby, PA.  Verona is just a little pizza place by my house but they have some of the best wings I have ever had (although not THE BEST… they are definitely one of the best).  What makes these wings so good is their sauce (which they just recently started to sell separately).  Verona hot sauce is absolutely amazing! Its Spicy. its flavorful. Its delicious!!!

Now to the bad stuff :(

The wings are small.  AND I MEAN TINY.  I really wish they used bigger wings and not these little babies…. Also I personally like my wings a little breaded (which is hard to find) and these are not…. Also the blue cheese is WARM and gross!


Outback Steak House











Outback has the the potential to be one of the best wings I have ever had… Unfortunately their are several flaws in their approach to hot wings… My perfect hot wing needs to be covered in hot sauce.  These were DRY. If i had not ordered the Xtra side of sauce on the side i would have been severely disappointed.  The wings themselves are lightly breaded with just a bit of kick.  I love how they are breaded and I think that is the best part about the outback wings.  If they came out with a spicier sauce and COVERED the wings with it then they definitely have a chance of being the BEST WING I EVER ATE!

The King Of Beers!!!!!!! (so far)

The best beer so far is……….