For this interview, I interviewed Jeff Pan.

So tell me a little about yourself.

I’m from Chambersburg, PA. Graduated from Temple University and I am currently self-employed.

How did you end up owning your own business?

I did web design as a hobby when I was a kid and eventually learned how to market products and services on the Internet on my own.

What do you do for work and what how does it relate to social media?

Internet marketing; Social media is one aspect of online marketing.

What made resort to social media as a source of advertising?

The demographics targeting features within Facebook Ads is powerful and makes advertising much easier. More importantly, Facebook’s international reach is growing very rapidly. There are many untapped demographics to target in international countries at much lower advertising costs than compared to the U.S.

A lot has changed regarding social media within the past 5 years. Where do you think that social media will be within the next 5 years?

Facebook’s Open Graph, or whatever it evolves into, will become integrated into most websites. Your favorite brand websites may have a much more immersive and personalized experience. Three words: Voyeurism on steroids.

Do you think that social media will ever become a thing of the past or is it here to stay?

I think it’s here to stay because communication is inscribed in human nature. As far as social commerce is concerned, purchase decisions are shaped by social influence, brand identity and judgements. So as long as people buy stuff online or use the Internet, marketers will always use of social proof to influence consumption.


I just interviewed a Temple University Graduate, Alex Pai.

So tell me a little about yourself.

I grew up in Connecticut and I went to school at Temple University. Previously I had worked in social media and SEO. Now I currently work with affiliate networks to run ads on social media platform.

How did you end up do what you do now?

I have always worked in marketing related positions and I eventually developed a passion for digital marketing.

What made you want to be involved with social media?

It is a fun platform to be involved with. It is great interacting and engaging with customers. Also, it is a great way to stay on top of new developments in the digital field.

A lot has changed regarding social media within the past 5 years. Where do you think that social media will be within the next 5 years?

Within a 5 year time span we saw Myspace and Yahoo go from kings of the internet to borderline irrelevancy. Social media at its core is constantly changing; as an industry, a platform, and a reaction to new developments in the tech industry and legal regulations. As such I think it’s not realistic to try to tell the future of social media, given its young and unpredictable nature.

Do you think that social media will ever become a thing of the past or is it here to stay?

I believe that social media may not “be here to stay” per say, but rather evolve into something bigger. We’ve already seen it revolutionize human interaction on a huge scale, and in the future I think it will continue to do so, either as “social media” or as something that it progressed into.


For this assignment, I interviewed a Temple University Graduate, Scott Li. He is a brother of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity Inc. and the owner of RateWinner, LLC and OnlineInstantQuotes, LLC.

So tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Scott Li and I graduated from Temple University in 2009 with a degree in Accounting. I currently reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. I am currently self-employed and one of the businesses that I own is RateWinner, LLC which is a mortgage company. I am also the owner of an insurance brokerage called OnlineInstantQuotes, LLC.

How did you end up owning your own business?

I’ve had my insurance brokerage for 4 years. I knowingly started my mortgage brokerage after working and learning from working at another company.

What do you do for work and what how does it relate to social media?

I manage the marketing as well as the growth of my business. In terms of marketing, I advertise on large volume ad networks and also scrape up some business through Twitter and Facebook.

What made resort to social media as a source of advertising?

Social Media is definitely a more personable approach to online advertising versus other internet mediums such as banner ads or Google Adwords. With Facebook/Twitter status updates, you can always offer a special deal exclusive to Twitter followers or Facebook friends by creating a sense of urgency with a time constraint or limited product offering. For example for my mortgage company I would say on my Facebook status, “Hey Facebook family, apply within the next hour and get a free appraisal while credits last. Offer expires after first hour or 50 applicants, whichever comes first.”

A lot has changed regarding social media within the past 5 years. Where do you think that social media will be within the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I think it will be more user-managed. Nowadays, there are a lot of spammers and cost-cutting managers who put their company’s’ fan pages or twitter pages on auto pilot in hopes of generating business. When users start becoming more personal, they will begin to generate more long term customers.

Do you think that social media will ever become a thing of the past or is it here to stay?

I think it is here to stay because it will always be more personable than any other advertising medium. You can interact with your fans/customers and respond to their questions in the same way as their friends/family.


RFID which stands for Radio-Frequency Identification is not a technology that was made for social media, but has a chance of taking social media to the next level. RFID is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag, called RFID tag or label, attached to an object, through a reader for the purpose of identifying and tracking the object. The tag’s information is stored electronically. The RFID tag includes a small RF transmitter and receiver. An RFID reader transmits an encoded radio signal to interrogate the tag. The tag receives the message and responds with its identification information.

An easier explanation of what an RFID does is imagine going to the grocery store, filling up your cart and walking right out the door. No longer will you have to wait as someone rings up each item in your cart one at a time. Instead, these RFID tags will communicate with an electronic reader that will detect every item in the cart and ring each up almost instantly. The reader will be connected to a large network that will send information on your products to the retailer and product manufacturers. Your bank will then be notified and the amount of the bill will be deducted from your account. No lines, no waiting.

What does this have to do with Social Media? It can provide a way for people to market their business’s without having to do a lot of work. An example is Izzy’s Ice Cream shop, they send out updates on the flavors available at its sole retail location in St. Paul, Minn. on Facebook and Twitter. Another example is Vail Resorts, they decided to use their RFID system to connect to social media. Patrons will be able to use their RFID-enabled lift tickets to connect with one another through a variety of different social media outlets, in addition to tracking their metrics, which can be broadcasted over the internet for all to see.

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YouTube Videos Pull in Real Money

This is a story of a man by the name of Michael Buckley that made money from creating a weekly online show right on YouTube.

Mr. Buckley, 33, was the part-time host of a weekly show on a Connecticut public access channel in the summer of 2006 when his cousin started posting snippets of the show on YouTube. The comical rants about celebrities attracted online viewers, and before long Mr. Buckley was tailoring his segments, called “What the Buck?” for the Web. Mr. Buckley knew that the show was “only going to go so far on public access.”

Who knew that such a simple idea would allow a person to become so famous. The power of YouTube is unbelievable because in the past, there was no other site that would have allowed anyone to have gained that much popularity.

All he needed was a $2,000 Canon camera, a $6 piece of fabric for a backdrop and a pair of work lights from Home Depot. Mr. Buckley is an example of the Internet’s democratizing effect on publishing. Sites like YouTube allow anyone with a high-speed connection to find a fan following, simply by posting material and promoting it online.

Also, it was that easy for him to get started, all he needed was a small investment and a great idea. Sometimes becoming a star does not always have to cost a ton of money. All we need to be able to do is promote because I am sure that he was not able to get all those viewers if he did not advertise about himself in other places on the internet.

Basically, many stars are making well over $100,000. According to the article, a guy that had only 180,000 subscribers was making $17,000-$20,000 a month from advertisements and sponsorship.



Dance Assassin

There are thousands of pranks out there, but here is one that is sort of unique. It is a pretty clever idea and it works surprisingly well. The video is called DANCE ASSASSIN + Urban Ninja 3. The video is only a preview of what is to come, but the preview is pretty entertaining.


Review of Pinterest

Pinterest is a site where you can make a collection of the things that you find on the web. If you like to eat then you can compile a collection of your favorite recipes/foods. Anytime that you would like to see the recipe to what you like, you can visit your pinboard and check out what it is. This site also makes it easier to plan events because most people have to make a list of things to buy and where to buy them, but on pinterest we can just take the site and pin a picture from the site and click on it later to go directly back to the original website again.

What is interesting about pinterest is that it is not only for your personal use, other users can look at your boards to gain new ideas. If you are looking for ideas on decorating a room then you can search around and see the things that people are using to decorate their rooms on their boards. The users can also write comments on each others boards and share their ideas. A lot can be learned from using pinterest. Another use of Pinterest is that it can be used to help compare one idea to another since it stacks all of your interests into one board, you can easily take a glance to see what you want to eat or what color you want you tie to be.

The site is great and the idea behind the site is also very appealing. Their mission is to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting. They believe that one person likes one thing then there must be at least one other person that has the same interest. Pinterest is about connecting people with their own ideas and interests.

Villanova Meet the Multicultural Greeks Event

Hello Everyone,

I am a brother of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity Inc. and recently we just attended a greek event at Villanova and I just wanted to post up a video of our good friends in Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity Inc. strolling at the event. Great job guys.



The service that I had signed up for was Formulists because it sounded interesting. Basically, the service helps you get your messages/tweets out to a specific group on twitter. It helps us find and analyse groups of people on Facebook. To help people understand how to use the site, they have these demos that we can view to show us what the site does. Each page throughout the demo has a help button that we can click on for more details. There is also a video to help us understand formulytics. Overall this site was very useful and can help many advertise their products or whatever that they choose. It can help people gain information as to how each group reacts to certain things.

When using and to look up different companies. There were a few differences between each search engine. I tried to search for Pat’s Cheese steak and Minado Sushi Buffet through cliqsearch and the results turned out to be different than Google search. In the cliqsearch, it only had a few results about Pat’s and Minados. does not show any articles or current events about either business. It just shows up any title or topic that has the words Prudential and KPMG that users have uploaded on the web. It does not show up any primary sources that come directly from the companies or any newspaper. In addition you cannot find any facts or data about these companies; it just brings up some comments from the users. While in Google Search, there were more than 500,000 results. I can find information which comes directly from Pat’s and Minados and any current events about these businesses. I can also find any articles, topics, and data that relates to these two businesses. One thing that CliqSearch did that Google did not was list the stats of their social elements such as how many Facebook likes they had and how many people checked in. Basically i can find everything on google search compared to CliqSearch besides social stats.

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