DAYGLOW 2012 @ PIER 94 in New York **NEW YEARS EVE!**

What is DayGlow?

What is DayGlow you ask? Well simply put, DayGlow is “America’s Largest Paint Party.” Imagine going to a concert. But not just any concert. An EDM concert. A full-out rage. Then, as the beat drops and 5,000+ fans are raving just as hard as you, you get hit with a paint blast. DayGlow mixes music & entertainment with art, in the form of paint.

What started out as a college tradition in Miami has quickly become one of the most popular raves in the nation, if not the World. With a concept so amazing you would think that you would need to have a pretty good headliner…you are right. DayGlow has announced this year that NYC fans will be treated to World-famous superstar DJ Benny Benassi on the decks. You’re welcome, New York.

So grab your friends and go crazy with Benny Benassi on the tables this DayGlow at Pier 94. Check out the video as well as information on tickets below!


DayGlow NYC 2012 Tickets

Are you ready? Can you handle DayGlow? Well dress comfortably and wind yourselves up for one of the coolest events ever.

Ticket Information

Pre-sale tickets for DayGlow NYC are now available here: DayGlow NYC

UPDATE: Pre-sale tickets for DayGlow NYC have sold out! But more tickets will be released on Monday, November 14 at 12pm EST. Check back here for updated ticket information on Monday!

Event Information

Who: Benny Benassi, David Solano, 5,000+ Ravers
DayGlow NYC
When: January 1, 2012 at 9pm EST
Where: Pier 94 (55th Street and the Westside Highway)

I went to the DAYGLOW party at the Liacourse Center this year and it was a scene that shouldn’t be missed!

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