Week 4 Results

Week 4 was tough.  Week 5 looks tougher.  This is how the suicide pool gets every year, it just feels earlier this season.  I survived week 4 with all 3 picks.  I went with the Saints, the Packers, and the Buccaneers.  There was a fourth team in the mix that I decided not to go with – the Eagles.  I’m sure we all know how that turned out.

The Saints won a convincing game against the Panthers, as expected.  They were carried by Brees and Sproles who combined for 539 yards, but the real story was the Saints taking a step in establishing themselves as the best team in the NFC South.  The Falcons continue to underwhelm, and the Buccaneers don’t seem to want to actually be a good team.  They almost lost what would have been an embarrassing monday night loss to the Manning-less Colts.  I hope the Saints can stay hot, I may be looking their way in week 5.

The Buccaneers were a last  minute replacement over the Eagles – phew.  It worked out well, but it was scary throughout.  It took a 4th quarter touchdown for them to beat the win-less Colts.  I probably would have lost some sleep if the Bucs really lost to this guy…

(Curtis Painter - http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/players/Peyton+Manning/nfl.p.4256)

The last game of the week was the Packers at home over the Broncos.  I wish I could pick the Packers every week but this was the 2nd of my 3 handles to use the Packers through 4 weeks.  Only one more use on the year.  The Pack won this game 49-23, doubling the Broncos points.  Aaron Rodgers eclipsed the 400 yard mark and added 4 touchdowns.  He’ll probably be doing the same thing all the way to February.

3 picks heading in to the week – 3 picks coming out.


From the site…

The Eagles, the Bills and (curiously) the Vikings helped clean out the pool in Week 4. As a result, there are just 7,921 left from the original cast of nearly 25,000. Of course, it gets tougher now, because chances are you’ve already used up some good teams.


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