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Facebook Review

Facebook is one of the most popular websites around today.  And it just so happens that it is a social media website.  Today, the world is very interconnected and Facebook helps progress this interconnectedness.  On Facebook, you can connect with friends, write on their wall, send them a personal message, or tag them in a photo.  In addition, you have access to a news feed, where activities of friends come up.  The news feed looks like this:

In addition, the Facebook main page includes a chat feature, which carries over to other pages.  It allows the user to essentially IM with friends, thus replacing the once popular AOL Instant Messenger.

Facebook clearly gives friends the opportunity to stay connected and continue to garner relationships.  However, with all of the great things that Facebook brings to the table, Facebook has its’ downsides.  First, Facebook is a place where information gets posted, whether it is pictures or wall posts.  Therefore, this information can be viewed by everyone.  While there are security settings, this information is still visible by certain people.  So, it is necessary to make sure you do a good job cleaning up your Facebook and keeping some of the more personal and controversial aspects of your life off of the Web.

With Facebook currently being one of the main leaders of all social media websites, it is likely that other sites will ID some of the flaws of the site and correct them to make it better.  Overall, though, Facebook is furthering the current age of connectivity by providing people with a new outlet for getting and staying connected.