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2012 Spring – MIS3538 Prof. Johnson Blog

So Long. Farewell.

Thank you all for a great semester!

I submitted grades for this class this afternoon. If I understand how the new grading system works, you should be able to see your final course grade tomorrow mid-morning (Monday, May 14).

If you want specific feedback on any of the concluding assignments, please let me know and I will be glad to provide it to you.

Best wishes to you all. Please keep in touch and let me know about your future educational and career adventures — related to social media or not.


Week 12-13 Follow-Up

Still need a BONUS.ACTIVITY? It’s Philly Tech Week. Here’s a full schedule of activities.

Class capture:

Week 12

Week 13


Tips for Successfully Completing Activities

Here’s some helpful hints on how to successfully complete various activities.

  • When you submit an activity like EXP.TWITTER1, EXP.KLOUT, or EXP.PEERINDEX (among others) be sure to provide a URL that includes your unique identifier in it (e.g., your PUBLIC URL). For example, if I was going to submit those tasks I would use the following URLs:
    • https://twitter.com/#!/StevenLJohnson
    • http://klout.com/#/StevenLJohnson
    • http://www.peerindex.com/stevenljohnson
  • For activities like EXP.VID or BLOG.FBLIKE where you embed HTML code in either the body of a post or in the sidebar of your blog, you will first need to active the “Unfiltered MU” plugin. (Use the Plugins – Installed Plugins menu of your dashboard to activate plugins.)
  • For EXP.FBLIKE, EXP.PLUSONE and EXP.TFOLLOW find the instructions (available on each of those sites) for adding code to a general website. You do not need WordPress-specific instructions (they will most likely lead you down a path that is only available if you have the access to install new plug-ins).


  • For BLOG.QUOTE the two key criteria are (a) that you use the <blockquote> formatting (available via the HTML tab on the Add New post screen) and (b) that you provide a link back to the original source of the quote. This post by Dana Littlefield is a good example,: Discussion Question: Virtual Grocery Stores.



  • For EXP.FBLIKE be sure that the button registers a Like for your blog, not for “facebook.com”. Also, it needs to be in the sidebar, not at the end of a blog post. HINT: If there are thousands of likes, you probably have the wrong URL!

More Activities!

Announcing… 7 more activities to choose from!

  • EXP.LISTLY – Sign-up at list.ly and create a list with at least 7 items (or, two lists totalling 10 items).
  • EXP.TUMBLR – Create a Tumblr and reblog at least 10 items from other people
  • EXP.PINTEREST – Create a board at pinterest with at least 15 items
  • EXP.SCOOPIT – Create a topic at scoop.it and add at least 10 items
  • BLOG.QRCODE – Create a QRCode for your main blog URL and display it in the side bar of your blog.
  • BLOG.REVIEW – Read this article http://nyti.ms/tEn2CL about fake reviews and then search through a site with reviews and try to spot some. Write a blog post (or wiki page update) comparing what you think is a real review and what you think is a fake review.
  • EXP.ONBOARD – Sign-up for one of the services described in this post http://bit.ly/s6ThNX and then write a blog post (or wiki page update) on what things the service did to help you understand how to get started with it.


The Final Countdown

CountdownWe are down to the final few weeks of the class. Here’s a reminder of the remaining milestones for successful completion of the course.

Completion of group project

You are almost done. There are two remaining tasks:

  1. Keep on promoting your infographics. The more views your infographic has, the more impressive it will be when you talk about it with future employers.
  2. To successfully complete the group project, every team member needs to describe what they have individually done to promote their group’s infographic. This can be done with an entry on their team Wiki page (either as a page edit or as a comment). The more specific the description of the promotion, the better. I’d like to know when, where, and which version (Flickr or visual.ly) you promoted and to what extent you where able to see any evidence of audience engagement. In addition to factoring into your group project assessment, this information will also help us optimize future promotion efforts.

Week 13 class meeting

  • The focus of this week’s class meeting (tomorrow evening, April 19) is Google Analytics. We’ve got a great guest speaker helping to cover this topic. This is critical information in order for you to be able to successfully complete your final individual project.

Week 14 class meeting

In the final class meeting on Thursday, April 26.

  1. We will have a reading quiz and discussion the material assigned for the week,
  2. I will make a concluding presentation summarizing the semester’s material,
  3. We will recognize outstanding achievement in The Quest and the group project, and
  4. You will complete course evaluation forms.

Individual paper completion

At the end of the semester, a final 5-7 page report documenting your class experience is due. This report has three major components:

(1) A reflection on what you learned during through (a) class participation, (b) development of your blog, (c) your group project, and (d) participation in The Quest.

(2) An analysis of your website traffic with detailed information from Google web analytics, describing how your Web hits increased or decreased over the course of the semester in relationship to traffic building activities.

(3) An evaluation of lessons learned from your blog development. Include recommendations of at least three things you would do the same again and three things you would do differently in creating another blog in the future.

Submit this paper to me electronically in either DOC or PDF format via email (to steven@temple.edu or steven.l.johnson@gmail.com) some time between noon this Friday (4/20) and 8:00pm on Thursday, May 3. Late submission will result in a reduction in grade.

Other Deadlines

There are two different deadlines related to your social media innovation in action activities. The first deadline is for Quest Points and the end of semester awards (e.g., the fun stuff!). Activities successfully submitted and completed by 8am on Wed, April 25,  will be included in the final leader board calculation.

The second deadline is for course credit (e.g., grading). Activities successful submitted and completed by 8pm on Thursday, May 3, will be included in final grade calculations.

Other Announcements

  • My final regularly scheduled office hours are on Thursday, April 19  and Thursday, April 26 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. I am also available to meet in person several other days between now and May 3. I want to be able to help everyone finish the semester successfully, so please do not wait until the last minute to ask for help!


image credit: Countdown by harleypeddie, on Flickr

Announcements for April 12, 2012 Class

Announcements for April 12, 2012 Class

  • I am not holding office hours today. Please email me any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I will be back in the office again next week.
  • Prof. Richard Flanagan is leading this evening’s class meeting. We will follow a typical schedule (e.g., including all student presentations), but he will most likely complete formal class activities early; you can use the remaining class time to catch up on your individual blog-related activities.
  • If you are still in need of a bonus activity, keep in mind the IT Awards event (on a Tuesday evening; prior registration is required). Also, there are a lot of upcoming events later this month related to Philly Tech Week, including quite on Temple main campus.

Infographics Update

  • Keep promoting your infographics. There will be an interim tally reported this evening.The final winning group will be determined by highest number of views by the last week of class.

You are invited to the Twelfth Annual Fox IT Awards

There’s a special event coming up, and as a student in MIS3538 you are invited!

I am pleased to invite you to the Twelfth Annual Fox IT Awards on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 6:00-8:00pm. The event is about you – the MIS student – and it provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders and alumni and make valuable contacts.
This year is very special because we are celebrating the top 20 ranking of the BBA in MIS by U.S. News and World Reports for 2012, the top 25 ranking for the MBA in Information Technology Management (MBA ITM) also by U.S. News and World Reports, and to follow our research success from last year we were ranked number 3 in the world for research in 2011 by the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

Your student organization – AIS – was recognized as an outstanding student chapter by AIS in 2011 – the second year in a row.

We are now the only department at Temple that is ranked nationally and internationally for (1) undergraduate and (2) graduate education and (3) research. There is no other university in the local region that is even close to Fox MIS!

Feel proud of your department and come help celebrate our combined success! Please RSVP directly online at the URL below.


You must register to attend, walk-in is not allowed. The dress is business professional. We have arranged a photographer who will be available after the awards ceremony to take pictures for your e-portfolio.


Patel scholarship, Kurtz scholarship, Shain scholarship (new), and IBIT scholarships

Student achievement and leadership awards

AIS student awards

Researcher of the year, faculty leadership, and teacher of the year awards

Administrative leadership and achievement awards



Adrian R. Gardner, Director of IT & Communications, CIO, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


K. Venkatesh Prasad, Senior Technical Leader, Open Innovation, Ford Motor Company


Marc E. Snyder, Managing Director, IT Strategy & Performance, KPMG

Important note: attending the IT Awards does count as a bonus event as long as you write a blog post about it. (For example, you can write a post about someone you meet there, or about what the industry award winners say.)
2011 IT Awards

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