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Group project (infographic) status

I’ll be updating this post multiple times in the new few days with updated group project status. (Updated Fri 6 Apr 8:00pm)

Once your infographic has been accepted as ‘web ready’, this is also where you will find your official URLs to promote.

Group Name Infographic Title Description Flickr Visua.ly
Water and Air Google vs. Bing After researching the two search engines, Google is the clear industry leader in the market. Our infographic helps explain why Google’s market share is almost five times the size of Bing’s. http://flic.kr/p/bHPHEa http://visual.ly/google-vs-bing-0
Team Zinn google+ & Facebook: tale of the tape Research indicates that marketers plan to increase social media spending by 46% in 2012.   This infographic helps marketing professionals decide how and when to use two popular social media platforms for their businesses. http://flic.kr/p/buT8su http://visual.ly/google-facebook-tale-tape (*)
CIIG Wired (with Energy Drinks) With so many energy drink choices out there, which ones do college students prefer, how are they drinking them, and when are they drinking energy drinks? To find out, we compared several energy drinks and their social media presence, and also administered a survey. According to our survey, most participants preferred Red Bull to Five Hour Energy, Amp, and Monster. It just so happens that Red Bull also has the most Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers. Perhaps there is a connection?  More than half of participants also believed that energy drinks, in moderation, do not cause detrimental, negative, side-effects. Check out our info-graph for more information! http://flic.kr/p/bHMURr http://visual.ly/wired-energy-drinks (*)
Blue Social Media creating Social Change This infograph looks at social media sites that non-profits use to help raise awareness and funding for their causes. We looked at what sites they utilize, which charities have gained the most followers on popular sites and how non-profits can use these sites. Finally, the infographic reviews celebrities who have garnered interest in their specific causes through social media and how you can help give back. http://flic.kr/p/bJ1cPe http://visual.ly/social-media-creating-social-change
Awesome Who’s Lovin’ It? Infographic depicts visual representation of McDonalds’ facts in order to raise awareness of increasing rates of obesity among adults and children, which could be related to the number of Happy Meals consumption in the United States. Additionally, the infographic incorporates social media to draw the line between customer satisfaction reviews on social networks and information found on McDonalds’ corporate website. http://flic.kr/p/bHMUYt http://visual.ly/whos-lovin-it (*)
Hooter T. Owl Birth of the iPhone  It’s hard to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of technology.  Every week, a new gadget hits the market and consumers are constantly looking for the latest and greatest electronic to satisfy their needs.  This infograph takes a look at the life of Apple Inc.’s iPhone, from it’s first model released in 2005, to it’s latest phone, the iPhone 4s.  It’s amazing how far the common cell phone has evolved in just a short time span.  And thanks to the iPhone, a new standard for quality and reliability has been set. http://flic.kr/p/bwfZMu http://visual.ly/birth-iphone 
No Pressure Mobile Piggy Banks Everyday a new gadget or technological advancement changes our world, usually for the better. Near Field Communication (also known as NFC) will change the way we make payments in the future. This infographic reveals both the history of our old payment system and introduces NFC to users who are currently unfamiliar with this new technology and the benefits of this system. Quick, secure way to purchase items without have to rummage through your purse or wallet. No cash or credit card needed just use your phone. http://flic.kr/p/bvpzT5 http://visual.ly/mobile-piggy-banks (*)
Team Red Think before you post  Social Media is a vital tool that employers use to evaluate and make informed decisions on whether to hire an individual. This info-graphic looks at different areas that affect possible employment. From security, inappropriate content, alchohol, drugs and to privacy, make sure to “Think before you Post!”. http://flic.kr/p/bvpKhj http://visual.ly/think-you-post (*)
Team Team Mac vs. PC Although PC still holds the world market share for personal computers, Mac sales are consistently going up every year. Our infographic exhibits how Macs are becoming the favored platform within businesses and shows how this translates into different areas of social media. http://flic.kr/p/bHMVmi http://visual.ly/mac-vs-pc
Handi Quacks The Mutation of Nintendo and Social Media This infographic displays the evolution of Nintendo over the past two decades and the state video games and consoles are in today. Social media has helped increased this growth and today acts as a community to not only promote and advertise video games, but provide reviews from other fellow gamers. Today, when people search for a product, they heavily rely on the opinions and experiences of their peers. Social media provides this place and has in effect altered the video game industry and the way gamers communicate. http://flic.kr/p/bJxQDD http://visual.ly/mutation-nintendo-and-social-media (*)
Team Persuasion Hyundai’s Transformation Hyundai started to sell cars in the U.S. since 1986. For a little over 2 decades, this Korean car company grew faster than any other car firms that we have seen. In such short period of time, they made huge refinements in car design, performances, engine efficiency and car technology. Their tremendous success also came from numerous marketing efforts; Hyundai portrayed their customers as smart consumers, people who choose value over brand recognition. Hyundai was the first manufacture to provide the industry leading 10 years/100,000 mile warranty and Hyundai’s assurances. These programs provided a piece of mind for consumers. Hyundai’s growth is transparent on their global sales and increase in model lines, it is also reflected on their raising stock price. http://flic.kr/p/bvqs49  http://visual.ly/hyundais-transformation (*)
GMV Income

(*) Congratulations! These infographics were promoted to the visual.ly front page.

Important Notes

  • All infographics that are considered complete have been loaded to my flickr account–the link appears above.
  • If I also have a description for the infographic, I have loaded it at visual.ly, too.
  • If any information–title, description, the final version itself–is missing for your team, you need to provide it as soon as possible. Any delay beyond Tuesday, April 3 at noon will result in a reduced assignment grade.
  • I will continue to work with groups until you have a version that meets the assignment criteria and is acceptable for sharing on the web. To speed up the review process: whenever you have a new draft (or other information) available for review, update the course Wiki and email me to let me know it is ready.
  • This week and next week I will tally the total number of views for each group’s infographic. There will be a prize at our final class meeting for the team that does the best job of promoting its infographic.

How to submit your infographic

  • Upload it to class Wiki (there is an “Upload Files” link towards the top right-hand side of the screen).
  • Then put a link to the file in your wiki page, making it quite obvious that it is the most recent version (!). 🙂
  • Then send me an email letting me know it’s there.

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