2012 Spring – MIS3538 Prof. Johnson Blog

More Activities!

Announcing… 7 more activities to choose from!

  • EXP.LISTLY – Sign-up at list.ly and create a list with at least 7 items (or, two lists totalling 10 items).
  • EXP.TUMBLR – Create a Tumblr and reblog at least 10 items from other people
  • EXP.PINTEREST – Create a board at pinterest with at least 15 items
  • EXP.SCOOPIT – Create a topic at scoop.it and add at least 10 items
  • BLOG.QRCODE – Create a QRCode for your main blog URL and display it in the side bar of your blog.
  • BLOG.REVIEW – Read this article http://nyti.ms/tEn2CL about fake reviews and then search through a site with reviews and try to spot some. Write a blog post (or wiki page update) comparing what you think is a real review and what you think is a fake review.
  • EXP.ONBOARD – Sign-up for one of the services described in this post http://bit.ly/s6ThNX and then write a blog post (or wiki page update) on what things the service did to help you understand how to get started with it.


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