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Getting to know you

hello, world

(A) So we can all start to get to know one another, respond to this post with a comment containing the following information:

  1. What is your name, major, and minor (if any)?
  2. Why are you a student in your major (or: why are you a student at Temple U., or Fox, or … )?
  3. What do you plan to get out of this class?

(B) To help get a discussion going, respond to at least one other student’s comment, too.


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55 Responses to Getting to know you

  • Hey,

    My name is Ugochukwu U. Opara (or Ugo for short) and my major is Finance. I’m a finance major because I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to produce capital and your financial literacy is whats going to help you use that money in the most effective way without have to sacrifice what you enjoy.

    There are a lot of thing I want to get out of this class:
    1. How to build an audience
    2. How to build PR
    3. A how do you actually track ROI on videos posts?

    I’m asking for a lot but Temple’s tuition did go up by some 20% 😀

    Ugochukwu U. Opara

    • Nice to meet you Ugochukwu. I think your goals for the class are well thought out and definitely not too much to ask for with the price we pay for tuition. I really hope we do learn how to build a PR and audience by attending this class. You

    • Hello Ugochukwu,

      I find it interesting that you are taking this class as a Finance major since I feel that people don’t usually associate Finance with Social Media. Before signing up for this class, did you feel that this class is important to the financial field or is this class something that you wanted to take because it interested you/you wanted to use for your personal life instead of professional life?

      – Nate

      • Hey Nate,

        Sorry for the lateness but I think Social Media is important for the finance field especially since the guys at wall street have kind of lost all respect in the public eye. One of the ways to gain that trust back would be just to talk to then ( audience engagement) and help them out with their finances (free of charge). I think it would be mad dope if my financial adviser had a twitter and helped one of my friends figure out if a tradition 401(K) or if a Roth 401(k) is best for here.

        But to be honest, I just took this class to take it. I have no idea what to expect and I have no idea what my blog with be about.

  • Hi,

    My name is Becca, and I do marketing & sales for Fox’s Enterprise Management Consulting, a consulting practicum that serves as the capstone course for all Fox MBA students. I’m taking this course to learn more about digital marketing and how we can incorporate social media in our marketing efforts.

    From this class, I’m hoping to better understand how to craft an effective social media strategy (appropriate goals, metrics, etc.) and to learn how to implement the strategy (tools, technical details).

    Looking forward to the semester!


    • Nice to meet you Becca. That’s pretty awesome that you do the marketing and sales for Fox’s Enterprise Management Consulting. Do you mind sharing any stories about your work experience there?

  • Hello everybody,

    My name is Paul Murray, and I am a double major in Management Information Systems & Marketing, and minor in ITIE. I am attending Temple University Fox School of business because the school has top notch rankings and is only 30 minutes away from my home.

    After I complete this course, I hope to have learned what social media techniques to use and when, in order to bring about the greatest potential growth and profit for a business or enterprise. I also hope to learn new and innovative ways to think about and use social media than what is the obvious.

    • Hey Paul,

      I agree with you. Sometimes I don’t know which social media strategies are most effective in certain situations. I hope that this class can help clarify our concerns!

      – Nate

  • Hello all, my name is Dan Mansueto. I am a finance major and a management information systems minor. I am a finance major because finance fascinates me. Finance is involved in every business whether a company is starting up, growing, or looking for projects that will generate cash flows. It is a very complicated subject that has the ability effect businesses, industries, and nations on a macro level.
    My favorite subjects in finance are private equity firms, the bond market, and project finance. A private equity involves raising capital from investors and using debt (leverage buyout) to buy a company or parts of the company that are seen as undervalued. The overall concept is to buy company or part and replace the current management of the acquired company, hold the piece for the long run, then sell the piece for a greater return. The bond market is very complex market and is used heavy in leveraged buyouts. The bond market is used by any entity looking for long term funding. Project finance is very interesting how it is structured. Project finance is creating toll bridges, power plants, highways, and so on. What is unique about project is the investors only need to worry about how much revenue the project will generate. The investor is not conserved about the possibility of default on the project. Project finance is very complicated and involves many different parties such as: sponsors, lawyers, technical advisers, debt financiers, the host government, and many more.
    What I hope to get from this class is a better understanding of social media, how it is used, and how it is changing industries.

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Mike Smith. I am a dual major in accounting and management information systems. I chose the Fox School of Business at Temple University because of its high rankings and the school is continuing to grow and improve itself. I hope to own my own business one day which is why I chose to major in accounting because I feel by knowing the in’s and out’s of accounting you can truly understand your business and where it can be improved. I added management information systems as my second major because of the reputation it was receiving within the business school and I have an interest in learning new technologies and how they can simplify your daily life/operations.

    From this class I hope to gain a better understanding of social media and how it can effectively help businesses and people communicate. I am also interested in learning more about the blogging atmosphere and how to use the MIS community site.

    • I admire you for having a double major. Is the only reason you picked up MIS because of the reputation or do you have an interest in computers in business?

  • Helllo Everyone, My name is Gloria Angel and II work for the Fox School in the Institute of Global Management. I help undergraduate students plan their study abroad semesters or academic year. I also welcome international students who participate in our exchange programs. I’m taking this course in order to get a better understanding of social media and how to effectively use it so that all of the undergraduate students are aware of the iinternational opportunities here at Fox. I’m also interested in learning more about effective blogging techniques and how to increase traffic on our sites.

    • Hi Gloria,
      Your job sounds awesome considering you get to meet with so many different people from the exchange program. You also get to inform students of studying abroad, which I think every student at Temple should consider. I would have loved to study abroad in Rome or Japan but my plans never work out for it.

  • My name is Isaac and I am a MIS major and a Marketing minor. I am also attending Fox because of its rankings and its location. I hope to gain a better understanding of the transformation of Social Media in today’s society from what was once a leisure and fun item to what it is now, an essential in many businesses.

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Taylor Duscha and I am a BTMM student in the School of Communications in Theatre. Even though I am not a member of the business school, I have become very interested in digital media marketing during my time at Temple. Currently I am pursuing a possible career in this field after I graduate in May.

    I originally chose to attend Temple University because it is located in Philadelphia and has well known Communication and Business programs. I liked the school so much that I now work in the admissions office as an Owl Ambassador or campus tour guide. Its a fun job and I enjoy being able to assist students in deciding what school they will ultimately attend.

    I hope that this course will teach me the basics of using Social Media as a marketing tool. I have a great deal of experience using it as a social outlet, but I am interested in learning more about using various types of social media in the business world. I am also interested in learning how I can use my skills in video production and graphic design in this field.

    • Taylor,
      I think it’s a very smart move for you to branch out of your own school to gain a better knowledge and understanding of how everyone else is trying to keep up with this world. I really think you chose a class that you can highly benefit from both in application to your major and in your daily personal life.

      How do you like being an Owl Ambassador? I’ve had a few friends participate in the program as well and they loved it!

      • Hi Dana,
        I am really excited for this course and I hope that I can bring elements of my major into the course. Being an Owl Ambassador on campus has been a blast! I really enjoy giving tours of campus and getting a chance to connect with the prospective students. Its a great job anyone on campus who’s outgoing and loves talking up Temple.

  • Hello Class,

    My name is Nate Rosen and I am currently a junior marketing major with a minor in management information systems at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management. I decided to study marketing because I have a passion for promoting things that I believe in. Having a passion for your career choice is the key to being successful and happy and you shouldn’t have to dread going into work every day. When I graduate I plan on working in the entertainment field doing marketing promotions for tv shows, movies, video games and/or consumer products.

    Social Media Innovations has been a great class so far and I can’t wait to learn how to design an infograph since I am a terrible graphic designer. I also want to learn how to make my facebook posts and tweets more engaging.

    See you in class!

    – Nate

    • Hi Nate,
      I think your marketing background is going to be extremely useful for you in this course and in the entertainment field. I’m a student in the school of Communications and Theatre and I think there should be more of a focus put on marketing ones own work, as well as being able to market the work of others. I’m also really interested in the info-graphic project and it will be interesting to see how much graphic design background will be necessary. I have experience with Photoshop, but I’m always interested in learning new techniques!

  • Hey guys, My name is Natalie DiValentino I am a Major in MIS. I picked to Fox School of Business at Temple because I had friends that were in the FOX school and they told me how challenging and rewarding the school is. I choose my major as MIS because I love computers and I want to learn how to integrate them into making businesses better. I love social media i pretty much live on it,therefore; I hope to learn some new and interesting ways to involve social media with my professional life and not just my social life.

    Can’t wait to start blogging!


  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Collin and I’m majoring in MIS. I switched to MIS from accounting after taking a few MIS courses because I felt that it was one of the best majors in the business school as well as a very exciting subject to start a career in. I love technology and hope to learn how to better promote myself with social media tools as well as have fun with them.

    • Nice to meet you Collin. I agree with you that MIS is one of the best and more exciting majors at the Fox School of Business. I would also like to learn how to better promote myself with social media. Today it very easy to find up someone’s information online and it is important to positively promote yourself, because you never know who is looking.


    • Hey Collin,
      I’m glad you made the switch from accounting to MIS. Don’t get me wrong, accounting is a perfectly fine major but you know what they say about accountants. With that being said, I agree with you completely that MIS is a very exciting subject.

  • Hello all!
    I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m Dana, majoring in Marketing with a minor in MIS. My first two years here at Temple I was a Pre-Pharmacy major. I thought that my experience in my workplace would be enough to help me get through my undergrad portion of the major a little bit easier. I was very wrong. I realized that, besides the projected $90k salary after graduation, Pharmacy was not for me. I was lazy when it came to applying to colleges when I was in high school, and Temple was the only school that I got into (out of the two total that I had applied to). So, here I am, a Fox student.
    From this class, I hope to transition my extra-curricular use of social media to a more professional outlet. I’m graduating in May and need to start making some friends in higher places. Additionally, the progress of technology over the past 10 years has amazed me, and I want to keep up with everything. I feel as though I will be able to do so in this class.
    Thank you for reading and see you in class!

    • Hey Dana,
      My friend was in the same exact position as you with the Pre-pharmacy and it sounded brutal. I think you made the right decision coming to the business school as the opportunities are limitless in the business world. I would also like to make a transition from using social media for socializing to a more professional outlet and from what I hear, this course does a good job of aiding that transition. Best of luck this semester.

  • Hello everyone!
    My name is Vince Zhou, i’m a senior major in International Business Administration and minor in MIS. I choose IBA because is a good program that opens many career paths and I thought my fluency in Cantonese and Mandarin will give me some options in Asia as well. Last summer I created a individual development program for Ross Dress for Less, in the process i realized the important knowledge i took from previous MIS classes. So for this class, i want to able to familiar myself with new ways to report and market information in the social media world.

    • Hey Vince,

      I just wanted to say…Wow. First thing I noticed is that your name is Xin, but you introduced yourself as Vince. I don’t know if that is your nickname or a computer glitch, but I want to say it is nice to meet you. Your introduction was pretty impressive. I admire anyone who speaks more than two languages, and right now you speak three so I can only imagine companies lining up at your door for you to work for them. I also love how you have an international concentration. It definitely opens a wider array of opportunities as well as connects everything you do to the rest of the world.

      I hope I get the opportunity to work with you in class to hear more about the wonderful projects you have worked on.

      • Hi Jasmine,
        Haha, no is not a glitch, my friends call me Vince. Xin is the name my grand parents gave me when i was born, so i didn’t want to change it. i came the U.S. when i was 10, speaking both Chinese language came pretty natural lol, nothing impressive. Yes, I have a few decent offers lined up after graduation. it is very nice speaking to you, see you in class!

        • Hello Vince,

          Your post caught my attention because I moved to the U.S when I was 9. I’m glad that you did not change your name, I think it is what makes you unique. I look forward to getting to know more about you and your background in class!

          Take care

  • Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m a MIS major. I chose MIS because I enjoy learning about new technologies. Because technology can play such a huge role in the success or failure of any business, a thorough foundation in its application and integration is essential. Social media technologies define the way businesses communicate today. By the end of this semester, I hope that I will have gained enough knowledge of these technologies to contribute ideas to a social media strategy in a meaningful way.

  • Hi everyone,
    My name is Junwen Cai, and I’m majoring in MIS. Why I am a MIS major student because I love technology. I felt technology can make a huge change in the success or failure in the business. By the end of this semester, I hope I will gain more knowledge about social media strategy. Specially, how to increase PageRank fast!

    • Hey Junwen,

      I totally agree with you. I think that technology will be a key component in a company’s ability to become successful. I would also like to learn more about increasing page rank and the most effective ways to appear on the first page of Google!

      • Hello Janelle and Junwen,

        I completely agree with you. With so many websites and blogs out there, I would like to know how to make my webpage stand out from the rest and appear on the primary pages of search engine results.

        Take care

  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Jasmine Essien and I am a Finance major, with a minor in MIS. I am a Finance major because I have always been good with numbers (plus I secretly want to be super rich one day) and felt that this would be a nice major to help me reach those dreams. I am a MIS minor because the intro class to MIS was pretty interesting, plus my teacher sent me a private message telling me to consider it. ( I thought I was special until I realized he did it for everyone who got a 90 or better in the course). What I plan to get out of this course is actually understand how and why social media is now an integral part of our everyday lives.

    • Hi Jasmine,
      I once wanted to a finance major for the very same reason, but unfortunately it means to stay an extra semester. So i decided to stick with IBA. It was a great decision for you to choose MIS as your minor, i’m very satisfy with the attention from employers just by tagging it on my resume.

    • Hello Jasmine,

      Your post made me laugh! Thanks for your honesty; most business students want to be extremely wealthy but not all of them are willing to admit it. Also, you should still be proud of your teacher’s email because I am sure that not too many students got above a 90, some of those MIS classes are pretty hard!

      Take care

  • Hello all,

    My name is Greg Lynch, my major is marketing and my minor is MIS.
    I went with the marketing major because it seems to best business route for me to be successful, and I chose Temple for its good academic background and to live in Philadelphia.
    I hope I can take from this course a better understanding of the social media integration that is happening and apply it to getting a better job out of college.

    • Greg,

      I think this course will help you in your career path upon graduation. Having experience with even WordPress could be extremely beneficial for a marketing career.

  • Hi All,

    My name is Janelle Grant. I am an Entrepreneurship major and a M.I.S minor. I am attending Temple University because I believe it is a quality education at an affordable price. I chose a M.I.S. minor because the internet, new technologies and social media are clearly becoming a major factor for any business to thrive and grow in the future.

    The knowledge I hope to gain from this course are some basic tools to capitalize on social media. These items include:

    The most effective ways to market and grow a business using social media.
    Keyword and s.e.o. optimization.
    The best ways to utilize blogs and vblogs to build an audience.

    • Hey Janelle,
      That’s cool you’re an Entrepreneurship major. Do you plan on starting your own business one day? If so, is there a certain line of business that you think you would want to start a company in? I completely agree with the fact that technology in general is a key factor for essentially every business in today’s world.

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Joe Dunleavy. I am a Risk Management and Insurance major and a M.I.S. minor. I chose to go to Temple because I believed I could receive a high quality education at a reasonable price while also maintaining my part time job. I chose to be a M.I.S. minor because I thought the intro to M.I.S. course was very intriguing and captivating. Also, I think it’s common knowledge that technology is continuously driving the future.
    To be very honest I think it would be awesome to learn about some specific tactics or methods that a small start up business could implement in order to generate revenue and or simply drive internet traffic through the use of social media. Although, overall I would really like to increase my general knowledge and understanding of social media.

    • Hey,
      My interests in this class are similar to yours. Have you ever considered being a social media intern? I think these days it would be relatively easy to find a place of business that understands the potential power of good social media use but hasn’t yet been able to capitalize on it.

  • Hey,

    My name is Basil Benny, and I am a senior Legal Studies Major. I enjoy reading about the law, and I hope to one day be a lawyer.
    I attended Temple because 1) it is 30 minutes by car from my house and 2) Temple has a great law program here.
    I hope to get an A, but also have a better understanding of social media and the use of technology.

  • Hi,

    My name is Amanda Sullivan. I am a marketing major with a minor in MIS. I am a business student mainly from the history of family members being in a business curriculum when they were in school. When I first came to Temple I attempted to be an Accounting major, but found that it didn’t suit my creative tendencies. I am much happier with my current path (marketing and MIS). I am also a social media intern for a small firm and truly believe that social media can greatly benefit a firm which is why I am extremely happy to be enrolled in this course this semester.

    • Amanda,

      I think this class is a great fit with your social media internship, and should further progress any possible career path down that road.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Nick Uva and I am a Risk Management and Insurance major. I chose to be an RMI major because the it is a function of business that will never go away or get outsourced. Analyzing risks is more interesting than many people think and MIS can help me to analyze risks more efficiently.
    Since many forms of communication are transferring over to social media, i am hoping to become more familiar with social media and utilize it to the fullest. It seems like an interesting class and I am looking forward to reaping the benefits of learning to use social media more efficiently.

    • Hey Nicholas,

      RMI is a striving industry. Professor Drennan is a great guy who tries to get RMI students internships. Did you do a internship yet?

      • Unfortunately I did not have an internship, but Dr. Drennan does have a great system for helping his students find jobs. I do have a job lined up for after graduation in New York. I am really looking forward to moving back to New York.

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is David Lamb. I am pursing a dual major in accounting and finance with a minor in MIS. Majority of my family are accountants, which is one of the reasons I decided to purse a bachelor degree in accounting. Finance is also something I will find useful in my future even if I decide not to obtain a job in stock markets. I want to gain a better understanding of the stock market, such as stock options. One thing I would like to get out of our Social Media Innovation course is find or learn new techniques and trends that uses business and technology together.

  • Hola everyone!

    My name is Iris Kapo and I am an IB and MIS major with a focus on Latin American Business. I am a student at Temple because it is a great university! I love the diversity and the business school is top-notch. I am taking this class because I want to get more comfortable with using several social media platforms and I also want to learn how to use social media professionally.

    Take care

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m a little late on my post here but I’m Mai Nguyen, and I’m majoring in MIS at the Fox School of Business. I’ve transferred to Temple from CCP in Spring of 2010, and have been loving every semester of it. I’ve decided to major in MIS considering it’s a challenging subject and involves a great deal of problem solving. I may not be big on technology as I should be, however, the idea of finding different solutions for businesses intrigue me. I also like the idea of not doing the same thing in my career, day in and day out. With every new project comes different challenges and fresh ideas, which is the main reason why I’ve chosen MIS. As for this course, I hope to gain more knowledge on something I believe to be obvious. In today’s generation, social media is very common and easily understandable but I want to see what else there is to learn. Why is social media such a big deal, where is it going to lead from here, and how big of an impact is it going to have with businesses in the future?

  • Hello,
    My name is Eric Moses and I’m a MIS major with two semesters left here at Temple. I’m an MIS major because I thought it would be incredibly helpful given the technology driven age we live in. It’s relevance will only increase as time goes on. I took Social Media Innovation because I am interested in seeking a social media internship in Philly. Ideally I would like to work with a local place of business by running their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, monitoring their Yelp, etc. I think this is a great area to enter as the power of social media is also ever-increasing, and the potential to capitalize on it via starting a previously unestablished social media network is promising. I hope that this class helps me with that goal.

    • Hey Eric I am also an MIS major and I completely agree with what you said about how MIS would be extremely helpful. I also like you idea about working at a company and being responsible for integrating social media sites with that business.

  • Hello everyone,
    My name is Jason Lee and I am a MIS major. I chose to major in MIS because technology is quickly becoming more of a necessity in both everyday life as well as in the business world, and working with technology would benefit anyone in the business field. What I plan to get out of this class is to learn more about the various types of social media on the internet and how I can use those social media sites to market and improve my business.

  • Hey guys,

    Im Colin and I am an MIS major. MIS appealed to me because I wanted to be on the cutting edge of the business world and because of Temple’s good reputation for its MIS program. In this class I hope to learn how social media can be used as a business application in addition to leisurely purposes.