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Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Coming to the iPad

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal that described the process many companies, as well as Microsoft, are taking to make Microsoft Office programs available on the iPad. These new applications would allow iPad users to effectively create and edit various documents/spreadsheets, but the apps do not allow users to send the documents by email yet. We have already seen the iPad’s popularity and demand increase. More and more applications are being created for these tablets that are allowing users to do their every day work on. Do you think the iPad is going to replace the traditional laptop in the coming years? Would you use an iPad to write papers and create presentations on?



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  • That’s actually a really interesting question. Personally, I don’t think that ipads and similar devices will replace laptops for creating word documents/spreadsheets/presentations anytime soon. It’s too annoying to type on the ipad. I know that you can buy a keyboard for the ipad, but I wonder how many people will bother especially when in the airport or on the train because I don’t see any easy way to hold the keyboard and ipad separately. Also I wanted to note that people can already use Google Doc/Spreadsheet/Presentation on the ipad to make presentations and documents and send them via email.

  • It’s amazing to see how quickly new technology can make older technology obsolete. A lot of people complain that an iPad is just a huge iPad touch and I feel as if that is the one thing that is keeping it from making traditional laptops obsolete. If MS Office did indeed come to the iPad, I feel like it would take a very long time for it to take off. People like to be in their comfort zones and an iPad would make individuals feel like they are in a foreign place without the comfort or their traditional laptops.

  • I am so excited for this!!!!

  • I think it would be great and something that I would definitely buy, if the office suite could convert handwriting into digital text in real time.

  • I think the iPad has already replaced laptops in many different aspects. Although the iPad doesn’t have the traditional keyboard, there are cases which hold the iPad properly and provide a full QWERTY keyboard. For instance, the Zagg Mate (

  • I agree with Mai H. Nguyen. I think the iPad 2 had definitely replaced the labtops in many different ways. So for the microsoft office suite, even if it does come out, there will be no need for it. Apple had already created a suite of applications that will handle all of your powerpoint, excel, and word document needs. Its called iWork and for about $30 buck you get everything. You can even email your documents in many formats (ex. Pages for Mac users and Word for PC users). And for a keyboard, any of Apple’s wireless keyboard will work with the iPad 2.

  • This is a really smart move on Microsoft’s part. They can reach a broader audience through extended devices. Although I like the size and portability of the iPad, I personally feel more comfortable using a laptop with an actual keyboard. I like the fact that I don’t necessarily need to look at my fingers to see where the keys are, I can just feel them.
    To comment on Collin’s response: Many professionals should use caution when sharing through Google Docs, especially when sharing vital and maybe personal company information. Anything shared on Google Docs is property of Google, not the company’s. Microsoft Office packages ensure the privacy of the content within the document.

  • I do think iPad can replace most the traditional laptop in the coming years. I would like to use and iPad to write papers and create PowerPoint, but not for writing the scripting language or programing. I believe some special working area such as search Engine Company might still need some traditional laptop or desktop to run their codes.

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