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Discussion Question: Samsung Flexible

The New Samsung Flexible! Some time this year Samsung is coming out with its new phone and a lot of products that will use Flexible AMOLED display. This material is transparent and flexible. You cannot actually bend the phone, but you can twist it and flex it.  The phone is also paper thin. This will completely change the phone industry. Soon smart phones will become as useful as paper weights. It is going to be really interesting to see how consumers will react to this new product.

8 Responses to Discussion Question: Samsung Flexible

  • That is a groovy gadget, paper thin frame is amazing. I wonder if this will transcend to the technology of TVs.

  • As a “crack your phone screen” or “drop your phone” numerous times a day, I would truly benefit from a flexible phone. My thing is, what are the cons? Does it melt when you put it near a hot surface? If it doesnt, I would be the first person to purchase this phone.

  • This is crazy! Ever since I got my first cellphone at the age of 8 I always wonedered when they would come out with something like this that would help keep me from dishing out lots of money because I kept breaking my phones. I wonder how much these will cost?

  • I agree with everyone that this phone definitely takes advantage of the phone-breaking factor that probably all of us have had the misfortune of happening. I also would like to know what the cons are. Is it scratch resistant? I always put my keys or coins in the same pocket with my phone and discover new scratches. Hopefully Samsung has a response for this to and will have another consumer: me.

  • Cool gadget. I would have to agree with the rest of the thoughts. It’d be nice to have a thin phone that wouldnt break, but with being so thin, what’s battery life like? It also looks unnaturally wide, almost tablet-like. Maybe because its so thin it had to be stretched out? Cool either way.

  • This new phone looks very cool. I know a lot of people walking around with cracked screens on their smart phones and this would help eliminate that all together. My only concern is that it would almost be too thin and it may be easy to lose or damage in your pocket with other items. Samsung may have to consider this when they begin marketing this product. Maybe it would work better as a tablet?

  • Samsung Flexible is so hard to image will be developed and appear in the future reality. There are more and more competitors to develop this kind of products now. Specially, LG is the most partner and competitor with Samsung. They not only will be focused on AMOled, which is small/medium display applications like smartphones but also develop the largest Amoled display 3-D TVs.

    Market analyst Vinita Jakhanwal of iSuppli said: “A 55-inch Amoled TV will be priced at $8,000 in 2012, more than twice the $3,700 average expense for an equivalent LCD TV.” Also, LGD’s 55-inch AMOLED 3-D TV has a picture resolution of 3840 x 1260. The TV is only 4mm thick and weighs 17 pounds.

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  • This is really cool. But I agree with everyone else that my main concern when I first saw this was how fragile it might be. I feel like the phone would break instantly if I ever drop it. Also, I think that this phone would probably be expensive.