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Presentation: Kindle Fire Review

Last week in class we discussed a few things we would like to purchase in the future and even though the Ipad was already mention, one student was brave enough to announce that she wanted the Kindle Fire instead. That amazed me but then I thought, what do I really know about the Kindle Fire? Without any real research, I presumed that no tablet could be as good as the Ipad so when any other tablet is mentioned, I completely discredit it. I felt this was wrong so I looked into the Kindle Fire to see just what that student was getting out of her future purchase…and to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the Fire.

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  • Its actually a lot cooler than i thought it would be. He said that the screen was a too small, but I think that having the screen a little smaller than the iPad would be a plus in some cases

  • Is there an HDMI output so you can connect it to your HDTV? That would be a selling point for me.

  • The Ipad is just an expensive toy. All you’re paying for is the brand name apple which is produced in “sweatshop-like” conditions. there is no reason to pay for on over-priced tablet especially when a new one comes out every few months.

    Bottom line:
    If you feel like wasting money, go ahead and buy apple products. But if you feel like value shopping, look into tablets such as the kindle fire. You get most of the same benefits for a reasonable price. I have never been one of those people that pays for a brand. I stick to efficient cost-benefit analysis when making a major purchase.

  • It seems like this is more for people who specifically read and do not plan to do any other activity on a tablet. For the price, the Kindle seems like a good buy, but for me personally, I would pay a little bit more for much more features.

  • i just recently bought the Kindle Fire over winter break for a family member. It is definitely a useful tablet and has a good color screen with a variety of apps. The Kindle Fire lacks some of the bells and whistles many of the younger people prefer, which is why the Apple iPad is so popular. But when considering price the Kindle Fire is definitely a good bang for your buck and will be satisfactory in being able to search and the web and read material on and offline. I would personally save the extra money to buy the iPad because I use many of the speaker and music features besides just surfing and reading the web.

  • This is was really good and useful videos on features of kindle fire. I didn’t know that kindle had so many features until I saw this video. It is a useful gadget at a reasonable price. If I ever have to buy a gadget like this one, I wouldn’t mind buying kindle over apple’s ipad.

  • I did not know the many features that the Kindle had to offer. It’s simplistic and easy to use. I think that this would be a great investment for people who only want to use it for reading. I would probably purchase this over the iPad because of the hefty price that comes along with the iPad.

  • Some analysts believe that Apple is going to introduce an IPad Mini at a price that’s comparable to the Nook and Kindle. As Apple has been losing market share to these lower priced knockoffs, I can’t see that they have any other choice.

  • I am on the kindle fire bandwagon. Although an Ipad would be a gift that I would secretly want to purchase, that price range is not in my budget. Especially when I think by the time I have enough money to purchase it, a newer edition will probably be coming out in stores.

    Great item for the price.

  • Also (Lisa) thank you for sharing the information regarding the mini ipad. Like I said earlier, for frugal or even “no money in your wallet” consumers, having a cheaper ipad would be lovely.

  • I would probably not buy the Kindle fire because, if I ever bought a tablet, I would want to use it to type up homework assignments or open PDFs. That is not to say that I would buy an iPad either, because they are outrageously expensive and there are other tablets that are much cheaper and offer similar, practical capabilities.

  • I think that, for the price, you can’t beat the Kindle Fire. It is small enough to fit comfortably in a purse and be brought anywhere. The WIFI connection works great. All of the different apps available on the Kindle Fire surprised me. I would obviously love to get an IPad if I had a spare $600 sitting around for it. But for a portion of the price, the Kindle Fire is great. I would highly recommend it.

  • No double Kindle Fire is a cool tablet. It has the same features and benefits as Apple product but lower price. Personally, I prefer the iPad’s outlook and it boots up very fast. Most people think iPad is an expensive toy. But I will tell you good news: iPad 2’s price is dropped by over$100 because iPad 3 is coming so get top dollar for your iPad 2 now! Also, there are 5 more things to watch for Apple’s March 7 iPod 3 Event. Apple promising “something you really have to see. And touch.” If you were a fan of Apple, it is the time to action now.

    More Info go to:

  • I bought Kindle Fire specifically as an entertainment device, not as a tablet or an ereader. It is not marketed as a device for any kind of real productivity, and it fits this entertainment niche very well. I already have a Kindle for e-reader, and I dislike reading on an LCD.