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Celebrity Tweets and The Oscars!

As you all know, The Oscars were this past Sunday. One huge change to the Oscars that didn’t used to happen at the Academy Awards: Celebrity Tweets! I follow many Celebrities on Twitter and it seemed that they would tweet throughout the WHOLE thing! Whether it was about who they were hoping to win, where they were sitting (including pictures), who they were excited to see, etc, the Tweets seemed to pile on the entire night. I think it makes the Oscars all the more interesting when celebrities are tweeting about it so you not only know what is shown on TV, but get an idea of behind the scenes, too! I found a couple of articles that contains over 100 celebrity tweets about the Oscars that you can scroll through and read!

I found it extremely interesting, so I hope you all do too!




6 Responses to Celebrity Tweets and The Oscars!

  • How cool! I really liked the instagram picture tweet of Michelle Williams and bestie Busy Phillips. It reminded me of taking pictures with my close girlfriends at senior prom. I think the tweets help to show that celebrities are just regular people too.

    • Iris – That’s funny that you say that. Stacy Keibler tweeted the night of the Oscars:

      Stacy Keibler‏@StacyKeibler Reply Retweet Favorite Open

      We are off!!!! I feel like I’m going to the prom. #oscars SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

      So, the Oscars must really feel like prom to some of the celebs!

  • It is interesting to hear or see from certain celebrities’ point of view. Twitter lets fans interact with their favorite celebrity. I believe more events are going to go this route with social media platforms.

  • It looks great about certain celebrities tweets has more connection to the Oscars. It is happy to see the big change of Oscars become using social media as Super Bowl. Recently, more and more industry starts using social media to promote or even though hold the big events. I can see how the social media make the people change their minds to accept more and more media such as tweets or Google plus coming to our real lives. Social media does help to make our lives more connect and iterate to other people.

  • The Twitter generation will probably save shows like the Oscars. Ratings have been trending downwards over the past couple of years. Second screen interactivity is bringing back the audience that these shows need to keep generating advertising dollars.

  • I think that it would be interesting to hear things from celebrities point of view. Since I cannot attend the oscars it would be interesting to know what happens behind the scene, since we do not get to see everything that occurs.