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Presentation – Real life 21 Jump Street

With the release of new movie 21 Jump Street, I found this video telling the story of an actual cop who underwent the same story.  Officer Alex Salinas went undercover for 8 months, and bust a high school drug ring the same week the movie released. Thought it was pretty interesting that they went through all of this to bust some high school kids  for marijuana and pills, take a look.



Barbie Dolls…Tonka Trucks…Plastic Surgery?

Every week in social media, we address many of the growing trends and advancements in technology. Constantly fixing and improving old technology to look better and more attractive. However, is this same mentality spilling over to real life? The desire for people to constantly improve the way they look just to be socially accepted?

In a very interesting television interview, viewers are exposed to a world were instant change is socially acceptable. What do you think? Are we taking it to extreme, should we slow down both technologically and socially?

Presentation – iPad Presentation

I found a clip on YouTube of a business presentation in Stockholm, Sweden. The two presenters were presenting about setting up a business of your own and its benefits. It was also advertising starting a business in Stockholm. The presenters used several iPads and a bit of magic for their presentation.


House Votes Against Facebook Password Amendment

“House Republicans on Wednesday defeated an amendment that would have banned current or prospective employers from requiring workers to hand over personal passwords as a condition of keeping or getting a new job.”,2817,2402297,00.asp

In response to this amendment being shot down, Rep. Patrick McHenry announcedthat he is drafting legislation that would ban employers from asking for their workers Facebook passwords.

Presentation: The Evolution of Cell Phones

Wall street journal recently Tweeted an article about The Evolution of Cell Phones. It included the interesting infograph that is posted above. It is really interesting how much technology has changed over time. Even the first cell phone I was ever given was a “brick like” nokia phone. Now, even a flip phone is out of date. Phones can be used for almost anything: sending pictures, online shopping, managing your bank acount, and (sometimes) even phonecalls. Now, details of the iPhone5 are being released. Rumors of the high pixel screen and lightening fast internet are spreading. It seems that possibilities for the future of cell phones are endless.


Discussion Question: Windows Phone Challenge

Windows apparently is offering up a Windows Phone Challenge for anybody with a competitor’s device.  The challenge consists of racing a Windows employee to perform an everyday task like uploading something to Facebook, taking and sending a picture, or finding a nearby restaurant.  The video explains the challenge that took place at a convention in Las Vegas, but it is also taking place at Windows stores around the country (I didn’t know such a thing existed).  Normally, if you win the “Smoked By Windows Challenge”

Microsoft will give you $100 on the spot and if you lose they will upgrade you to a Windows Phone with the contract demands waived.  However, to promote the release of the Hunger Games, they upped the prize to a specialized Hunger Games PC that was worth over $1000.  As you would expect, people generally don’t win, however a Georgia grad student won twice and was denied the prize.  He won once, and the store employee told him he had won, but asked him to do it again because he couldn’t believe it.  He then won again, and the manager came out and determined he would be denied the prize because his iPhone power button was broken. They claimed that they could not power the phone off to determine if any other accelerators or third party software was running.

As you can imagine, it turned into a huge dispute and the student has now hired a lawyer to recover his prize.  Read the article in the link below and let me know what you think.  Should he win the computer or is his phone disqualified?

DQ: Mobile app that ‘spots cancer with 100% accuracy in one hour!

I ran across this article that introduces a smart phone-based system that can tell the difference between benign tumours and their malignant counterparts with up to 100% accuracy. Compared to traditional tests which take up to weeks, this system only takes an hour to make the diagnosis. The benefits of this system are that only a small amount of tissue is needed, and it is relatively cheap to run. This would make it easier and more accessible for doctors to track cancer. The device is simply made of a miniature MRI machine connected to a smartphone with this app. The app computes the amount of vibrations from the MRI machine and provides the doctor with a read out. Within three years, this app could be regularly used in hospitals. Do you think this advancement in smart phones for something as serious as cancer is beneficial? Do you think it is a reliable method that could be used in hospitals? If an app can detect cancer, what is next?




Presentation: Draw Something

The new iPhone and Android hottest mobile game “Draw Something” has surpassed hits like Angry Birds and Words with Friends for the top spot on iTunes. Just 6 weeks after the game was released it had hit 35 million downloads. Draw Something is THE addictive social drawing game where you draw and guess words by playing cooperatively with friends or competitively with rivals. Here is a video I found that demonstrates how the game works.

Infographic on U.S. students studying abroad

As a follow up to my presentation last week, here’s an insteresting infographic I found from America’s best colleges on

In my experience, alot of Fox students try to go to London but many of them decide it is too expensive and end up going somewhere else. Rome and Spain are the most popular locations that I have successfully sent students with France coming in third and Ireland a close fourth. There is increasing interest in China, other Asian countries, Australia, countries in  Africa and Latin America. There had been a rise in demand for the countries in the Middle East until the Arab Spring happened, that has cooled off for now but I’m sure it will spark again soon.

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