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If You’re Using ‘Password1’, Change It. Now.

I read this article on yahoo news about password security. The number one way hackers get into protected and highly confidential systems is not though technical exploit but though guessing the password. Most people forget to change the default password, which makes even easier to get into the system. Trustwave, a security service firm found that default password such as ‘Password1′ had about 2 million network vulnerability scans and 300 recent security breach investigations. Trustwave set an assortment of widely available password- cracking tools loose on 2.5 million passwords, and were able to break 200,000 of them (article). Verizon’s security report found a similar results, 29% of security breaches were a result of weak or guessable passwords.Verizon also found that attackers are often inside victims’ network for months and years before they’re discovered. Very few companies found out about the breach on their own, and more than 2/3 learned from external party such as law-enforcement agency (article). If your password is weak and guessable, the best way to make it secure is to make it longer. Add complexity to your password, refrain from using dictionary words. Attackers are using brute-force tools to break into systems. A 7 character password has 70 trillion possible combinations, 8 character has 6 quadrillion possibilities.

Is your password secure enough? If not, use the techniques to make it secure.


6 Responses to If You’re Using ‘Password1’, Change It. Now.

  • I needed to read this because sometimes I will make my passwords easy so I won’t forget them. Especially, since almost every site you go to wants you to sign up to receive information or a free download. However, I found using uppercase mixed with lowercase letters number and symbols makes my password a little stronger even if its relatively simple.

  • Password security is a big issue that many people are not aware of. I pay bills and partake in online banking. I try to make my passwords as obscure as possible, but I understand why some use something like ‘Password1″ because there have been many frustrating times when I would have to go through the tedious process of trying to recover a password.

  • I think my password secure enough because I almost change my password monthly. In recently digital world, we are always reliable the information from computer, internet, or social media. Especially, using online banking, we are easy to find out all the transitions we make recently, or 2 years ago. In addition, we can keep tracking every transition’s detail information such as using location, which business, what products purchase… we need to pay more attention to our Password problem. Remember, internet always brings convenience for us, but at the same time, it can also destroy us.

  • It’s crazy how people put simple passwords and expect to be safe. Hackers are unbelievably too good at what they do. Thanks for posting this, not many people know about the dangers on the internet.

  • I think that people sometimes do not realize the importance of having a strong password, especially for managing online banking. As much of a hassle it is to constantly change passwords, I still do it because I realize the importance of it. Being someone that has had their credit card information stolen online, you can bet that I make my passwords as strong as possible.

  • I think the key point is to have different passwords and make sure that they are not easy. But just as important it is to distinguish the points, make sure to record them somewhere safe so you dont lose or forget them.