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Presentation – 2012 Presidential Elections

With the 2012 presidential elections coming up this November, I thought it would be appropriate to view one of the candidates videos, presented to you by A Bad Lip Reading. Tell me what you guys think.

12 Responses to Presentation – 2012 Presidential Elections

  • This video is hilarious, but I wonder how they find words that match their mouth movements so well.

  • I know a video like this, it used the X-Men animation with the Juggernaut. Humor over serious/non-funny videos is so dang funny.

  • This is a very funny video. Ironically, I think, if Romney had the passion of this voiceover artist, he would be perceived more positively.

  • Very funny video. It is always funny to see the comical things people come up with around election time and to poke fun at some of the candidates who are out campaigning for weeks.

  • This was a very funny video, I really enjoyed watching it. Work of some really creative minds, I’m sure it took lot of time to compose this video.

  • Hahaha, really engaging!

  • Definitely one the funniest videos.

  • That was a funny video. There are a few vidoes of Obama like this, which are funny too.

  • This video is very funny. I found it interesting how they found words to match the lip movement.

  • Very funny video. I guess you can make it look like anyone is saying anything now

  • I understand a relevant video such as this, it used the X-Males animation using the Juggernaut. Humor over serious/non-funny videos is really dang funny.

  • This was a great video! I found it absolutely helarious and curious at the same time. It probably took someone a really long time to develope this.