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DQ: Would you feel comfortable if your pilot landed using augmented reality glasses?


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In a recent article I read, NASA is developing augmented reality glasses for airline pilots.  The glasses give the pilot a 3-D image of the runway in one eye.  This image updates in real time and changes according to which way the pilot looks.  In addition, it has voice controls corresponding to controls on the plane, so that the pilot doesn’t have to look down.  This allows pilots to keep their attention on the runway, which the article states is where most crashes occur.

The biggest advantage of these glasses is that if the weather and visibility are bad, the pilot can use the glasses to navigate the runway because it shows everything in real time.

NASA is currently trying to get this headset on the marketplace for commercial airline pilots.  My question is, Would you feel comfortable if the pilot of a plane you were on landed using the augmented reality glasses because he couldn’t see through the fog?


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8 Responses to DQ: Would you feel comfortable if your pilot landed using augmented reality glasses?

  • I think this would be great for pilots to use as long as they are all properly trained in how to use the glasses and it does not cause another distraction to them. If anything this would help reduce the risks pilots face in landing a plane in bad weather or with limited visibility.

  • I think this is a great technology, and I wouldn’t mind if the pilots use it if it has been approved and tested properly. It helps them focus and will decrease the number of crashes that occur due to invisibility and bad weather.

  • I would feel comfortable with pilots using this technology. It sounds very strange at first, but seems a lot safer. The pilot can see past the fog instead of trying to fly through it. I am sure that before it reaches the market place it will tested in every kind of scenario.

  • I would need more information because if one eye is getting a readout to pay attention to and the other is looking at the runway, then the pilot’s depth perception might be off, because our eyes are accustomed to focusing on the same thing.

  • I would feel much more comfortable if it were more standardized and looked over by some sort of organization. I think I would feel more confortable this way.

  • I think the best way to go about the situation would be to have one pilot with the glasses on and have a co-pilot there to confirm everything that is coming up on the glasses. Right now there is a better chance of getting bitten by a shark than dying in a plane crash but by putting a higher dependence on technology might change that.

  • I would definitely feel comfortable with a pilot using these glasses to navigate through fog. Since we’re hypothetically asking the question about whether or not you’d be comfortable with your pilot using them, then I would assume this takes place in the future and the finished product functions well. I’m sure the glasses would never be release unless they were extensively tested. I think it’s a really cool idea to help deal with the previously unsolvable issue of fog, and I’m all for them.

  • IF these glasses are adequately tested and really help with fog, then yes I would like for pilots to wear them. As of now, I would say no because new products are questionable and I would be nervous to fly with a pilot wearing them for the first time.