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Study Abroad From An External Point Of View

Fox Students study abroad on various programs. Here is the point of view from students who participated in non-Temple external programs.


18 Responses to Study Abroad From An External Point Of View

  • Studying abroad is definitely something that will make someone marketable to employers. I wish I had the time to study abroad, it would be a really cool experience!

  • This was a great video especially for those interested in study abroad. Sometimes reading about another students experience is not as emotionally connect than hearing them talk about the pros and cons themselves. Fox should definitely have more students make an advertising video for studying abroad!

  • Thanks Nate and Jasmine for your feedback! I really appreciate it, it is the first video I have recorded and have ideas for a few more.

  • That looks great, it shows studying abroad yet another thing that can be shown to employers as great experience

  • I enjoyed this video. The students did a great job describing how beneficial studying abroad can be. If I could do it all over again, I would be studying abroad in Italy.

    • Thanks Lisa for the comment. You know it is never too late. You can think about getting your Master’s degree abroad, there is a growing trend and funding from both the U.S. and E.U. governments

    • I studied abroad in Rome this past summer and I can honestly say that it was the best expereince I have ever had. At first it was hard getting used to the different culture but at the same time, that’s what made it fun. If I had the chance I would do it again!

      • I am absolutely jealous! I took an introductory Italian course last year because I needed an elective and fell in love with the language. Living and studying in Rome would have be a great way to reinforce and expand on what I learned in the classroom. As they say, if you don’t use it you lose it.

  • This video is nicely put together, I enjoyed watching it. I think there is so much work involved when you want to study abroad like getting courses approved, learning the basics of the language. I’m from India and I wanted to study there . I think it would be difficult for someone who doesn’t know any language of the country they are studying in. It seems like a wonderful experience because you wouldn’t get that kind of opportunities once your working full time.

    • Jeevan, planning your study abroad trip is a lot of work but it’s totally worth it! If you still want to study abroad in India, I would say, go for it! There is a summer abroad program in India over the summer, you should go see Gloria, she’ll help you make it happen!

      • Thank you Iris.

        Javeen, getting your courses approved is more work than choosing a program that is already established from Temple. the Education Abroad office has a great program already in India
        It is offered over the summer and they have run it successfully. The office is located in 200 Tuttleman and they have infosessions all of the time.You should visit and talk to someone about their Summer program.

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  • Greatly put! I agree with our classmates. It was really informative! I have another year left in my undergraduate career, so I am definitely considering it. Good job!