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Presentation: Game Developer Finds Success on Kickstarter

Double Fine Productions is an San Francisco based video game developing company. It was founded by Tim Schafer, in July of 2000. The company along with 2 player Productions, ran a successful Kickstarter project in February 2012 for an adventure game along with a documentary of the making of the game. The project’s goal was to make $400,000 which was to be split between the production of the game($300,000) and the production of the documentary($100,000). The project reached it’s initial goal of $400,00 in only 9 hours. By the end of the allotted pledge time, the project had 87,142 backers raising a total of $3,336,271, becoming the most successful Kickstarter project to date.

9 Responses to Presentation: Game Developer Finds Success on Kickstarter

  • What I find really interesting about this Kickstarter project, is the collaboration aspect. The fact the the customers have a say in what goes in to the final product is really what makes this project stand out. They seem to have got it right.

  • The art of said game reminds me of Psychonauts in a very good way 🙂 I tend to agree with Mr. Vesley there, Paizo seem to be doing the same thing with their pen-and-paper RPG in their blogs too. Nothing beats customer feedback – after all that’s what creates a perfect product in the end.

  • This is amazing, and the team posted a great pitch on Kickstarter. Do you know what exactly generated so much buzz in such a short time?

  • That is interesting the people on the site gave $400,000 in 9 hours. I was wondering the same thing as Becca, how did generate that much buzz within 9 hours?

  • Kickstarter is a great website capable of many things, including creation of unique video games. It’s biggest appeal has to be the customer based content, as the customer picks where he invests his money. This is a revolution in the gaming industry as now game creators do not necessarily have to go to a publisher only interested in creating million dollar hit titles and will spawn many unique games.

  • Funny video. I can’t believe they raised that much money off of this video and what happens with the rest of the money? Maybe I should make one of these videos…

  • Kickstarter is such a great site. So many deserving people have reached their level of funds and have done awesome projects and beneficial things. Your post is just another example of this.

  • Kickstarter do find the right developer team for their success. In today’s digital world, get the minimize budget to develop the prefect scope and biggest quality, which is the target of all kinds of business. Within this, the team uses the shorter time to earn their success… I hope one day, I could become the one in that kinds of develop team.

  • I loved the casual approach these guys take. Humor+Realism is sometimes the most effective form of communication.