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Social Media Used to Stop Overpowering Governments

Here is a little video to show how important social media tools are to portray life in different countries.  These tools are used to convey messages to others so that people and other governments can help save lives in different nations.

5 Responses to Social Media Used to Stop Overpowering Governments

  • I could understand the first part of what you were saying لپ تاپ but I got a bit lost towards the end. This is a difficult subject to understand

  • I’m glad that more people are finding a medium to be heard and in certain cases of injustices, it can shed light on a subject and gather support. In this area, I agree with Social Media being used. However, it should be used carefully becaues the information of the masses could be used negatively as well.

  • Twitter has become synonymous to protest organization and it is an extremely useful tool. Governments in other countries, especially ones in the middle east where riots have broke out in rejection of the current government often try to block these sites to avoid the protestors ability to communicate.

  • Twitter=the news.

  • I’m totally for this idea of using social media to stop overpowering the government. I have actually seen it being used recently for the purpose of justice for a man named Balwant Singh Rajoana of India. Also, I think its easier to make people aware through social media because majority of people use social media.