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Presentation_The Hunger Games’ Plays Social Media

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“The Hunger Games” has $155 million opening weekend and puts it the top three of the domestic record revenue. It was just behind the $169.2 million-“Harry Potter” last year, and the $158.4 million-“The Dark Knight” in 2008.

Why “The Hunger Games” has become famous it is not only the original book popularity, but also the clever online marketing strategy directly gaining audiences. There are 13 FaceBook Pages relative to “The Hunger Games”. Besides Facebook, they also use other social media such as Twitter, YouTube, also iPhone Games to promote this movie which is never seen before.

Image Credit: On Twitter, Video Credit: By on Youtube.

Q: Do you think using social media which will become a major marketing strategy at the filming industry?

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  • I definitely think that Social Media already is a major marketing strategy. Advertising via Facebook and Twitter allows the industry to gain fans and spread the word about their movies for FREE. I am a huge fan of the book series The Hunger Games, so I was already excited about the movie coming out-but all of the social media posts about it intrigued me even more. Every day the Facebook and Twitter account would update photos from the movie set and well known quote from the book. I’d be looking through it and just thinking about how much I couldn’t wait to see the movie! This is a great strategy to take and I think before we know it many, many films will be advertised this way.

    PS – I play “The Girl on Fire” all the time! Love it!

  • I think social media is already a major marketing strategy as well. Social media is the easiest way to access a mass amount of people today and it is great for advertising. People are constantly on these sites at all times of the day searching for a variety of different things. The filming industry would be smart to continue to focus on social media to advertise their movies even give video previews directly on these sites.

  • I think the film industry will definitely start investing more in social media campaigns to advertise their movies. As we have seen so far, many companies like microsoft’s bing, and mercedes are tapping into social media to get the word out about their products. However, I do think that the film industry should think past just creating a Fabeook page or Twitter account for their movies. Twitter and FB is just a tool, it’s how you decide to use it and manipulate it that makes a difference.

  • I don’t see why the film industry would not use social media as a major marketing strategy. The majority of people are into some type of social media, and the film industry is a very big part of the entertainment industry which most people are involved with. If you put together the two things people enjoy getting involved in great things can happen. One can see clearly how the movie “Hunger Games” is getting so much public attention by using social media to advertise.

  • I think social media is bound to become a huge marketing strategy in just about every industry. The cheapest way to reach the most people today is through social media strategies. Its a great way to spread awareness of a new product or campaign and relatively inexpensive for the most part. As more companies focus on social media as an outlet for marketing, we’ll begin to really see and understand the business potential in Facebook and Twitter, and other social media sites.

  • Social media is definitely a great marketing tool that the movie studios utilize and I think they will probably start using it more in the future. These sites allow consumers to interact with the film and hopefully increases interest in seeing the film in theaters. I think the game idea is a great one too, because it really amps up interest in the film. We’ll definitely see more of this in the future.

  • I got to see it after my 15 year old niece begged me. It was pretty good, I thought. I’m not familiar with the book, but the description from IMDB gave it a Running Man vibe but with much younger participants. Unsure if I’d blog review the movie. But I’d like to see a sequel.