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Infographic on U.S. students studying abroad

As a follow up to my presentation last week, here’s an insteresting infographic I found from America’s best colleges on

In my experience, alot of Fox students try to go to London but many of them decide it is too expensive and end up going somewhere else. Rome and Spain are the most popular locations that I have successfully sent students with France coming in third and Ireland a close fourth. There is increasing interest in China, other Asian countries, Australia, countries in  Africa and Latin America. There had been a rise in demand for the countries in the Middle East until the Arab Spring happened, that has cooled off for now but I’m sure it will spark again soon.

14 Responses to Infographic on U.S. students studying abroad

  • Its nice to see the infograph on study broad, I think it is nicely put together with all the necessary information. I think its good idea to study abroad because you can get credit and experience life in another country. It becomes difficult to travel for like 1 semester or summer duration once a person starts a real full time job, so whoever are interested in traveling should study abroad. I think everybody who has a chance should study abroad.

  • I love this info graphic

  • That is pretty cool. It is kind of surprising how many people go to China, as you would think that more people would want to go to Germany

    • Thanks for your feedback Greg. The interest in China is higher than in Germany because alot of Chinese institutions are already teaching in English so finding courses is not as difficult. In Germany, it is alot more difficult because not as many courses offered in English so the German language is a barrier. I currently have three business students studying for a full year in Germany and they are all taking courses in German which is rare but interesting.

  • This infographic is very well done. I think everything flows together very well and like the color scheme. I also especially like how they incorporated the images into their graphs like in the percentage of students in top destinations graphic. Very cool.

  • Good find! I really like this infographic, very clear and informative. As Greg said I was surprised about how many people went to China as well.

  • I was surprised to see that Goucher College wasn’t on the list, seeing as they’re the only college in the US to REQUIRE a semester of study abroad in order to graduate.

    • Danielle, I completely agree. Not only do they require the study abroad component, they also fund it! The only thing that I could think of is that Goucher is a much smaller school than the ones listed. Their student population is in the low thousands as opposed to NYU which has 22,000 student pop. and study abroad is also a requirement for graduation.

  • Very well done infographic. I always regret not choosing to study abroad my sophomore year. Now I will have to wait to travel on my own over to Europe.

  • I like this infographic too. I wonder why so many men are reluctant to study abroad. The participants, according to the infographic, seem to be overwhelmingly female.

  • Not studying abroad will probably be my biggest regret of my college career. There were multiple factors that were against me going abroad, mostly the timing, but I would have loved the experience. Temple should focus the majority of their study abroad efforts to target freshmen and sophomores when they still have time to make decisions and plan future educational trips.