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Presentation: Draw Something

The new iPhone and Android hottest mobile game “Draw Something” has surpassed hits like Angry Birds and Words with Friends for the top spot on iTunes. Just 6 weeks after the game was released it had hit 35 million downloads. Draw Something is THE addictive social drawing game where you draw and guess words by playing cooperatively with friends or competitively with rivals. Here is a video I found that demonstrates how the game works.

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  • It’s crazy how fast these games catch on. I personally think its a cool game. It helps to pass the time while I’m on the train every day. I like how this game and other Zynga games like Words with Friends are played against live people, but at a very slow pace. Games can take days or weeks to complete, so you have time to respond to your opponent rather than having to dedicate an hour or so to a live instant game.

  • I think this is a pretty game cool. I cannot believe that in just 6 weeks it has over 35 million downloads. First time I have ever seen/ heard about this game was on Sunday when my friend showed my a crude drawing and asked me if I had any idea what it was. I had no idea. I could myself getting very angry playing this.

  • Just downloaded Draw Something and I’m really liking it.

  • This is a very addicting game. One thing I like about Zynga games are that you can message your friends while you play against them. So its a good way of catching up with a friend. That is something that should be incorporated into Draw Something, and more words to draw with be “drawsome”

  • Draw Something is a super addictive game and I think part of the attraction is that you can play against your friends. Its pretty amazing that it has beat out popular games in only a few weeks, especially with the release of the new Angry Birds game. I play it with a couple of my friends and its fun, even though we have absolutely no artistic ability!

  • Draw something is so addictive and can be used by anyone who knows how to use the device. I enjoy playing this game with my girlfriend all the time. I usually do the guessing while she does the drawing. It’s a fun game for all to enjoy.

  • A friend introduced me to this and we have been playing ever since, it is addictive. I like that it shows a creative side as well. Refreshing and fun.

  • I don’t have an iphone, but I played this a few times on the ipad, it is a pretty fun to play.

  • I see people playing this game everywhere. It took me a little bit to get use to, but it is really addicting and constantly keeps people’s attention.

  • “Draw Something”, it is my favor game! It not only uses to play drawing game but also uses to draw a shopping memo such as what kinds of dress, what colors I want to shop. Do you believe, I found the same color and same style design dress on the store as I drew…

  • I’m happy for the guys that created this game. Their startup,Omgpop, was bought out by Zynga for $180 mil.

  • A friend introduced me to this and we have been playing ever since, it is addictive. I like that it shows a creative side as well. Refreshing and fun.

  • I played this game for about two days… couldn’t get into it. I’m a competitive person and have a game where I play with friends and don’t have a chance to “win” or “beat” them, I’m not interested. I’ll stick to Scramble or Words.