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Presentation: The Evolution of Cell Phones

Wall street journal recently Tweeted an article about The Evolution of Cell Phones. It included the interesting infograph that is posted above. It is really interesting how much technology has changed over time. Even the first cell phone I was ever given was a “brick like” nokia phone. Now, even a flip phone is out of date. Phones can be used for almost anything: sending pictures, online shopping, managing your bank acount, and (sometimes) even phonecalls. Now, details of the iPhone5 are being released. Rumors of the high pixel screen and lightening fast internet are spreading. It seems that possibilities for the future of cell phones are endless.


11 Responses to Presentation: The Evolution of Cell Phones

  • This was very interesting. I had no idea there were so many different phones that were created over the years. It’s amazing to see how quickly technology has changed everyday lifestyle. I think the changes that are going right now, probably in the future, phones won’t be used to make calls anymore but rather just to send messages. People don’t talk through phones as they used to.

  • Cell phones have surely come a long way and new technology seems to be coming quicker and quicker. The selling life cycle of a new phone seem to last 8 months, if that. And I see this diminishing even faster with the constant changes with Android, Windows, and iPhones. Now phones have dual screens to make multitasking easier. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for us.

  • I absolutely agree with you that the possibilities for the future of cell phones are endless. Today our phones have more use than our home computers. That is so amazing and so convenient. I can only imagine where technology could go in the future.

    • I agree with Mila. In the next ten years, the technology will completely change how we do things with our cell phones.

  • This is very interesting. I was looking around my house last week and I found a cell phone from the early 90’s and it was cool to see how technology changed things so much. I compared it to the one I have and I feel as if technology revamped the entire industry.

  • It’s funny to see how big cell phones were 10 years ago and how rapidly they have changed. Cell phones have definitely been an expanding market and are going to continue to grow in the near future. Apple completely revolutionized the smart phone with their iPhones

  • My favorite phone of all time was the Nokia candy bar phone back in 2004. Everyone upgraded to the cooool Razr, but I stuck with Nokia because the game Snake was the best!

  • The cell phone is one of the best inventions ever created. Could you imagine a time without them? If I don’t have my phone on me, I feel so disconnected with the world. It is amazing to see how they have changed over time, i can’t think of how the technology will improve in the future.

  • Haha this was an insane video. I remember getting my first cellphone in 98 and how cool I felt. Designs sure has changed since the start of cellphones. The future of the cellphones look intense. I wonder if there will ever be a day where cellphones will be outdated.

  • It is a good reviewing for how cell phones have been developed so fast and so long time. I can’t image if I live one day without my phone– Only I am sick at home all day long. I agree with you, Paul, will ever be a day where cellphones will be outdated?! I think if that day would come, and other technical thing would be instead of cell phone.

  • I cant believe that I used to own some of these phones. They look like ancient history to me now. I bet in couple of years the technology will be so advanced that it will make the iPhone now look like it was a piece of crap.