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House Votes Against Facebook Password Amendment

“House Republicans on Wednesday defeated an amendment that would have banned current or prospective employers from requiring workers to hand over personal passwords as a condition of keeping or getting a new job.”,2817,2402297,00.asp

In response to this amendment being shot down, Rep. Patrick McHenry announcedthat he is drafting legislation that would ban employers from asking for their workers Facebook passwords.

10 Responses to House Votes Against Facebook Password Amendment

  • I didn’t even know employers were asking for passwords. That’s absurd. I agree with Sen. Blumenthal, its a complete invasion of privacy. We set passwords to make sure our privacy is secure. We have the right of deciding who gets access, and no one should be forced into giving passwords.

  • This is very ridiculous. I wonder which employers are actually asking for employee’s Facebook passwords. How can this not be an invasion of privacy?

  • I read a few articles about this. The reason some of the companies are asking for FB passwords is because majority of the employees are using FB at work. There are policies in place that mentions employers can view everything you do at work. Another thing is the company may want to prevent how people are talking about them.

  • This is a good thing because employers should not violate your personal space. Some people want to keep their lives private and if employers find out passwords, it defeats the purpose of personal privacy.

  • This is extremely unconstitutional and should not be tolerate. There is nothing to investigate here, it is so obvious! Employers should know this already but apparently they don’t…

  • This is ridiculous and completely unethical. Employers have no business in asking for people’s Facebook passwords. This is an invasion of privacy and should be banned without question. Employers who ask employees for their passwords should face possible litigation.

  • Employers routinely request drug tests, urine samples and credit bureaus; it certainly doesn’t surprise me that they’ve headed in this direction. It will only get worse. If employers think you are weak or desperate, they’ll subject you to all manner of indignities. Hopefully, this amendment will be passed before the practice becomes widespread.

  • I wouldn’t release my password information to anyone, no job is that important. Its unethical and unnecessary. There should be an example set to one or more of the employers asking for this information that way it is stopped permanently.

  • Wow that is crazy, I didn’t even know people were asking for this kind of information in interviews. I don’t know what started this to happen but I can’t believe that it was actually being done for however long it has transpired. I would never give away information like that. In fact if I was in an interview with a company and they asked for that kind of information I would walk right out of the interview knowing that that company is not for me.

  • Passwords are very personal, I don’t know how an employer could ever have the audacity to ask someone for theirs. If I had an incriminating FB, I think I would delete it before handing over my password to an employer… and it would have to be an AMAZING job.