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Barbie Dolls…Tonka Trucks…Plastic Surgery?

Every week in social media, we address many of the growing trends and advancements in technology. Constantly fixing and improving old technology to look better and more attractive. However, is this same mentality spilling over to real life? The desire for people to constantly improve the way they look just to be socially accepted?

In a very interesting television interview, viewers are exposed to a world were instant change is socially acceptable. What do you think? Are we taking it to extreme, should we slow down both technologically and socially?

10 Responses to Barbie Dolls…Tonka Trucks…Plastic Surgery?

  • Plastic sugery for 7 year olds, wow. I never thought I would see it, but unfortunately kids are getting nastier and nastier as the years go on, so its no wonder parents have the need to change their children’s appearances.

  • Kids aren’t going to change.

    There will always be bullying no matter how much campaigning on the subject there is. Basic plastic surgery on a 7 year old should be allowed with parent approval. We live in a horrible world with teasing and bullying and if plastic surgery will help boost a kid’s self confidence, I see no problem with it.

  • I think social apperance has always been a big issue in society. Judgement is never a nice thing and especially ugly when its started as young as 7 years old. Unfortunately, it seems like in order to fit into society you need to change who you are to fit inside of a “box.”

  • The mother is setting a poor example for her daughter. She empowered the bullies by placing a value on their opinions. Is she going to rush her daughter off to the plastic surgeon every time some loser finds fault with one of her features? It could get very expensive.

  • I still cannot believe how parent would allow their 7 years old daughter to do a plastic surgery! This is a surgery only for beauty problem not healthy problem. I have a question: who about the little 7 years old girl will get other refection in the future? Will she blame for her parents? I do think it is too young to do a beauty plastic surgery!

  • Getting plastic surgery will not pay off in the long run. Doing this could affect how the child will look ten years down the line and it may force them to look worse than they would have. I think parents are foolish by allowing their children to get plastic surgery.

  • Getting plastic surgery at that age seems a bit unnecessary. It might keep her from getting bullied now, but I feel like it might be cause her problems later on.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about this. Her so called “abnormality” was not even that serious and what happens if kids get plastic surgery but end up looking worse once they grow older? In my opinion this is the girl’s parents fault for letting her daughter think this was even problem.

  • I think this is outragous. She is 7 years old and not even finished growing. The mother said “it would grow out, but never did.” What? She is still growing. It may have grown out by age 15, I mean, really. Her mother could have kept her hair long to cover it. I think her mom had more of a probem with it than the daughter.

  • I think this is really drastic procedure for a 7 year old to get done just because of bullying. She’s not even fully developed adult, her ears have the potential to change over period of time to something that she would be satisfied with.