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Bonus Event: Grassroots Game Conference: Unity Expo Lunch Party at WHYY

On Friday, April 27, 2012, I attended the Grassroots Game Conference in the WHYY building. Before attending the event, I read a description of the event which mentioned about video game creators right here in Philadelphia who were showing off their games at this conference. I’m not really a gamer, so I didn’t really know what to expect. When I arrived there, they offered lunch which was cool. There were about probably 6-8 gamers who were showing off their games. They showed us their games and also showed how they created the games. Seeing how they made their games was pretty cool. This conference was promoting software called Unity which is great software if you want to create games. I really enjoyed my time there.

Bonus Event: Fox IT Awards

I attended the Fox IT Awards last Tuesday night. The event was fun and also interesting. Adrian Gardner, from NASA, received the Fox IT Leader Award. K. Venkatesh Prasad, from Ford, received the Fox IT Innovator Award. Marc Snyder, from KPMG, received the Fox It Awards for Distinguished Alumni. All three of the winners spoke to the audience about encouraging students to use technology to change the world. Congratulations to Professor Johnson on winning the Teacher of the Year award. I met Dean Moshe Porat at the event. A few of us talked to him about the networking, and how it is the key component for someone to be successful. The conversation we had with him was interesting and informative.

Discussion Question: Final food for thought

Here’s your chance to refine your elevator pitch for social media and what you’ve learned in this course.

1. Pretend you just met the owner of a medium size firm. Why should they care about social media?

2. They’re thinking about  hiring a social media intern. They want to know how this course has made you a good candidate. What do you say?


For my personal video, I uploaded a movie about telecommunications that my group and I made for our CIS class. The whole movie was filmed and edited on the iPhone using the imovie app.

IT awards event

On Tuesday, April 24th I attended the IT awards sponsored by Temple University’s Fox School of Business’s Management Information Systems department. I thought it was really good networking event and there were a lot of people and aluminis. I have heard from former students that everyone should go to these events as there are potential future employers there. I already found a COOP for the summer so I wasn’t really networking a lot. I went to the event with my friend. The speeches were influential and seeing other people get awards was motivational. I really liked the event and I will definitely go next year. It was great to see my professor get a Teacher of the year Award. I did not stay for the after party.

$1 felony…is this fair or just absurd?

I’m trying to see how people feel about this news article… a man goes into McDonald’s and uses the fountain drinks without paying, so he gets slapped with a felony charge. Do you think this is fair or did the owner go to far? If you think this is absurd, what actions would you take? I think this a felony is too much for such a petty item, even if he did have a past history.

Here’s the full story…

EXP.ONBOARD : Instagram

Instagram for Android is a swift little app for my camera.  I have a Motorola Triumph phone which has a 5MP camera but the stock photos are absolutely horrible.  It doesn’t capture light correctly and produces faded photos.  I have never really given Instagram a chance, mainly because it has not been available for Android and I don’t like to jump into hype momentums.  Anyway, I’m a big foodie and it is very discouraging to get pictures of food that turn out to look unappetizing.  An example is a photo of basil-pesto pasta that I made.

Here is the photo without Instagram…


 The instagram just adds filters that my stock camera is missing.  The only thing that is truly a negative is that Instagram can’t do a whole photo.  It has to take a reduced size version, but that is a minor fault.


Instagram is my favorite app on my iPhone. I was always jealous of my friends who were able to use the app and use the filters to create such a great effect. When I finally got an iPhone last year, one of my first apps downloaded was Instagram. I make it a point to post at least once every two days, like my friends’ pictures, and follow new people. Now that Android users can use Instagram, I am able to follow even more of my own friends and stay connected. Instagram is a great social media tool because it makes something ordinary extraordinary with the awesome filters offered. We use the app at my internship to advertise menu items at one of the brands that the company owns. With the use of hashtags and accessibility to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and email, the convenience and creativity of the app makes it almost impossible not to like. If you have an Apple or Android device, I strongly suggest downloading Instagram.

The site, Social Media Examiner, didn’t really give me any good tips on how to use Instagram since I am already a heavy user. I am however glad that I signed up so I can get tips for the apps that I am not as familiar with.


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FOX IT Awards

So last night were the Fox IT awards.  These awards are done every year and even though I couldnt make it to the this years award, I can still remember how the events are planned.  Since these awards are designed for outstanding faculty and rising students it gives recognition to the people that deserve it.  With the food and beverages, people are able socialize and gain a better understanding of one another allowing Fox to create a community within itself.  With these recognitions, people are able to better their job prospects and the awards create an avenue for success.  Since the management information systems major is a small community within Fox, people are able to connect with one another on a more personal level.  People are able to find out about their history, future goals, and just the general information about someones life.  When I went to the IT awards two years ago, I was able to communicate with professors on a more personal level.  Since it was an occasion outside of the classroom it was more relaxed yet interesting at the same time.  By talking with different professors and students, I have been able to secure jobs in different aspects of the MIS world.  The IT awards are definately a great time and would urge everyone to go for at least one year.  Plus who would want to miss out on free food and free beverages!  After the IT awards comes the after party this year which I went to.  Even though it is a little small, it is still a great time!


This article hit on a subject I have thought heavily about in the past. The rising level of people’s web presence and the always-present greedy tendencies has created a community of fake reviewers online. Since the wide adoption of internet shopping and purchasing research happening online, the best way to gauge the authenticity or quality of product has been user reviews. A lot of the time, when I am on the fence about a product or destination, user reviews are the deciding factor on what decision I make. That’s why when I read reviews, I always search on multiple sites to get a variety of reviews to gather a range of opinions. Having these fake reviewers out there can really discredit not only the website, but also all the “real” reviews that are out there as well.

One statement that stood out to me in the article read “We evolved over 60,000 years by talking to each other face to face… Now we’re communicating in these virtual ways. It feels like it is much harder to pick up clues about deception.” This makes a lot of sense. The researchers at Cornell are doing the write thing, trying to fight digital culprits with the digital crime fighter application that is the fraud detector.

In the future, sites that don’t use this fraud detector will fall wayside to any competitors that do use it. Internet users need trustworthy sources to research products before they buy and the sites that can offer that credibility will be the ones who will prevail.


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