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Discussion Question: The Future of Google+

Ok, so we’ve heard social media experts have their say about Google+ and how it is potentially the future of the web.  I just wanted to hear your opinion on where you think Google and Google+ is headed.

To help you guys out, here is a quote from an ex-Google employee who left a lengthy rant about Google right after leaving the company.  Blog Post.


” I couldn’t even get my own teenage daughter to look at Google+ twice, “social isn’t a product,” she told me after I gave her a demo, “social is people and the people are on Facebook.” Google was the rich kid who, after having discovered he wasn’t invited to the party, built his own party in retaliation. The fact that no one came to Google’s party became the elephant in the room.”




11 Responses to Discussion Question: The Future of Google+

  • I really don’t think Google+ has a chance of expanding any more unless they change the concept. It seemed to reach it’s plateau when it was first developed. No one is excited about it anymore. It had it’s appeal when it was “invite only” and exclusive, but it really doesn’t offer anything else that most social media platforms offer. The only perk it has is it’s relation to Google.

  • Our infographic covered G+, and we found stats indicating that people spend an average of 3 minutes per month on G+ and 405 minutes per month on FB. That indicates that the majority of users are not spending their time there…. at the same time, G+ does allow for some interesting connections with google search engines, making it an appealing platform for businesses. As it evolves, perhaps G+ won’t be used in the same way as FB, but with some re-positioning perhaps it could compete with Linked-In – targeting a more professional audience?

  • I think the daughter’s response to Google + is both funny and truthful. Social media has to do with people and not a product or service. I think in order to be more successful, Google must incorporate something more intriguing and original into Google+.

  • I think google+ is a good idea but it just needs to be implemented a little better. Since there are alot of facebook users, people dont really know about google+. In other words, why use google+ when facebook does the same job but even better with a larger network.

  • It’s hard to say where Google+ is headed. On one hand, there are Google enthusiasts who are positive that it is growing and will only continue to grow, maybe even one day usurping Facebook (seems unlikely). Google+ tried to differentiate itself from Facebook by also being a search engine. This feature has some people convinced, but to myself and I’m sure many others I don’t see how it’s worth it. Why would I want searching added to a social media platform if the platform itself is already largely irrelevant to our generation. I’m fine using Facebook to socialize and using Google’s search engine for my searching needs. I don’t perceive much value in the combination of the two.

  • I think from a business perspective google+ is great! Personally I think google+ is a glorified blog. I’m not impressed! Everything we learned about this site in this class makes me not want to use it.

  • I think as it stands right now, Google+ is underutilized. I think there is a huge potential for Google to incorporate Google+ into other things, and it has slowly started doing so with searches and other functions. I think its something Google is aware of and actively pursuing. I think they’ll be successful, but will be most successful if they differentiate from Facebook.

  • Google+ has a long way to go if it wants to compete with Facebook. Right now its great for businesses who want to reach out to consumers and people looking to network, but it really doesn’t have that social aspect yet. Its not really easy to post your thoughts quickly and it’s not fun to use if no one’s on it. I think they need to start focusing on the social aspect of the site and maybe they could bring in more people that way.

  • I think that the use of Google+ will slowly increase and eventually be able to compete with Facebook. Google is such a widely used site, so I think eventually Google+ will catch on. I personally haven’t started trying to use Google+ yet.

  • I wouldn’t count Google+ out, though facebook is so huge, Google never ceases to amaze me. First with android OS(which to me is better the I-OS). So I would expect Google to make Google+ innovative and differentiate it from the rest

  • It’s difficult to say where Google is headed. Similarly, you will find Google fanatics who’re positive that it’s growing and can only keep growing, possibly even eventually usurping Facebook (appears unlikely). Google attempted to distinguish itself from Facebook by also as being a internet search engine. This feature has many people convinced, but to myself and I know many more I don’t observe how it’s worthwhile. Why would i would like searching put into a social networking platform when the platform is already largely irrelevant to the generation. I’m fine using Facebook to socialize and taking advantage of Google’s internet search engine for my searching needs. I don’t see much value within the combination of these two.