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Presentation-Paypal Expansion

I’m sure many of you have had experience with PayPal for online purchases as I have. I feel safer as it adds another layer of protection to my accounts, debit cards, and credit cards above and beyond the bank. I currently work at Home Depot and even we are accepting it in the stores as a form of payment! Paypal can be accepted with apps on iPhones and Droids and is as they say a “more convenient way to shop.” What are your opinions, experiences? Here is a video explaining how it works for those who haven’t used it before, followed by an article on how Home Depot uses the service also.


13 Responses to Presentation-Paypal Expansion

  • I’ve always been a huge fan of PayPal and am happy it’s rapidly expanding. It’s convenient and most importantly SAFE. Good topic to present on.

  • This seems like a good idea but I don’t get how this makes shopping in stores more convenient.

  • It’s interesting to hear that Paypal plans to expand in Brick & Mortar stores. There are a few startups offering consumers the ability to pay through smartphone QR codes & apps (like LevelUp), and I could see Paypal competing well in that space.

    Another feature that might be helpful is for paypal to allow individuals to transfer money to one another via a smartphone app. Even though most places take credit cards, some still deal exclusively cash. That way, if someone spots a friend $$, the friend can transfer the repayment immediately via paypal.

  • Information security is important. But what makes paypal that much safer. If someone hacks PayPal they will have access to millions of customers bank accounts and credit cards along with everything they need to steal a persons idenity. Also most people have their information stolen because they are stupid online, PayPal doesn’t fix this.

  • I think this is a good idea and that PayPal is safer, at least online. I would much rather link my paypal account to a purchase through a website than enter in my credit card information. I guess PayPal could be hacked, but they try to protect you against that and compensate you for wrongful charges, etc. It’s less important in a brick & mortar store, but PayPal online indicates a reputable site and offers an added layer of security to your transaction.

  • I been using PayPal for a while (06, I forget). When I first hear of it, I wanted to buy shares of stock (its not a public traded company). There are other company trying to do the same services as PayPal. It is safe and convenient.

  • Paypal is a great way to make payments, and probably not enough people know about it. This will be a good way to get the site to expand

  • I personally love paypal because it makes paying for things very simple and reliable. And seeing how most websites use it, more reason to sign up!

  • I use paypal all the time when buying things online, but I don’t really see the use for it when shopping at actual stores. For online purchases it might make it easier and safer, but I don’t really see it making buying things easier in physical stores.

  • Hey this is like our infograph.The future of payment options. Instead of using your phone number like paypal, all you need is your cell phone utlizing NFC technology. Check it out! P.S. I love using the paypal option when buying things online. I don’t have to get up to get my credit card. It gives me less time to change my mind.

  • I’m a huge fan of Paypal! They handle my ecommerce part of my website and then made getting paid easy. Happy to see they are finally in actual retail stores and not just online. I also can’t wait to see their new card reader.

  • I have a PayPal account and I have never encountered any problems with it. So if you do not have a PayPal account, i suggest you get one because it is very safe way to shop online.

  • I think paypal is the first step to a universal form on money. With everything in the world become more digital, I could see paypal eventually becoming the standard of payment for everything. I have been using Paypal for years and its security features have gotten me out of a lot of trouble. I think it is a great platform that could be scaled up to include even more financial services.