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Presentation: Futuristic Toy, The Parrot Drone

For my presentation, I came across a really cool toy that I saw in Brookstone’s.  It is a drone that you can fly with your iPad, iPod, iPhone, or android.  The drone has cameras aboard that display real time footage on the screen of the device you control it with.  It also records photos/video.  The connection between your phone or iPad is wifi-based.  I used to be a R/C car and plane enthusiast, so I wonder how far you can fly the drone without losing wifi or if the wifi strength has an effect on flying.  Otherwise I would definitely consider getting one even though it’s $300 on Brookstone’s.

13 Responses to Presentation: Futuristic Toy, The Parrot Drone

  • Wow. Amezing toy. Where i can buy it?

  • That is really cool. It is amazing what you can do with iPhones. I am curious as to how this device would be affected by the wind if you were to fly it outside.

  • That is an amazing toy. How strong is the material? I wouldn’t want to purchase it and have it break.

  • This is awesome! Very neat how technology can evolve, I wounded what they will think of next!

  • Wish I had these kind of toys for when I was growing up! I guess it’s never too late… ^_^

  • Very cool. I love how you can control it with your phone and how it shows you the drone’s view. It also seems very easy to control and responsive.

  • I love the idea but I think the price tag is a bit high. Other than that its great!

  • With this toy you are almost a spy. You can fly thru someone window, take some photos whithout this person knowledge save it in your iphone and do everything you want 🙂

  • Very cool idea. I don’t think I would buy it though just because I don’t find much use for the device and I believe the price tag is steep.

  • I agree with Michael. It’s a really neat gadget, but the price is way too steep. I remember seeing this on television a couple of months ago. A real estate agent actually uses this device professionally; he uses the cameras in the drone to take aerial photos of the properties he is selling. I guess it would be worth the expense in that situation.

  • Good one, thank you for sharing. Cheers

  • This is crazy the stuff that people come up with. This is so cool that you could use it on an iPod, iPad, and iPhone. I only have an iPod, so it’s great to see you can do stuff like this on an iPod.

  • This is a really cool product but I wouldn’t be interested in purchasing it. If the price was a little lower, I would definitely look into buying this product for a younger family member.