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Presentation: Samsung Smart TV

Samsung introduced a new TV that incorporates voice and gesture technology.  Rather than a traditional remote control (which is still included) you can talk to your TV.  You can give it commands like “Switch to channel 2” or “Start Web Browser”.  Of course, like a lot of newer TVs on the market this TV will also feature a full web browser.  You can connect to the internet and use a variety of aps like Netflix, but the way you do so is very unique.

Most TVs have an annoying remote that you have to use directional arrows to scroll around with.  With the Samsung Smart TV you use hand gestures.  The TV has a camera on the top of it so you simply move you hand in the direction you want to go, and click by closing your open hand into a fist. While it’s the first of its kind, i think TVs like this will catch on, or at least certain features of it.  One thing is certain, the trend of internet on your TV is here to stay.  What do you think?

9 Responses to Presentation: Samsung Smart TV

  • Guess I will never have to worry about losing the remote anymore. I wonder though, if there is a big party how will it pick up my voice over the loud sound?

  • This Samsung Smart TV has humanity foundations: motion control, voice control and face recognition. What such good product! Also, Samsung promoted Super OLED Technology for color fitter, specially, for who favors 3D movies. I like it very much. When will it be release?

  • I think this technology is amazing and I wish it had been implemented along time ago. I think the best aspect is the fact that you do not need to have a remote and that it has voice recognition technology. Do you know how much one of these TV’s would cost?

  • The camera on the TV is a deal breaker for me. A friend of mine is a security expert and he said that the webcams on electronic devices are very easy to hack. If you don’t take extreme precaution with these devices, you just might wind up being a real life episode of “The Truman Show.” Cover up those webcams guys.

  • Integrating TV and a computer is something companies have been trying to do for years but this is the first time I’ve seen a TV that’s voice activated. The only problem I see with this is when there are multiple people in the room and not knowing what voices the TV will pick up. If you plan on watching TV by yourself, I guess it’s convenient and efficient.

  • I think this is a really cool idea, but I agree with George. It’ll be great to have when you are home alone or only have one quiet person in the room, but when the room is at all crowded I am sure the TV will get confused. This tends to happen with most voice-activated appliances.

  • This was very interesting video, this tv allows a person to do so much at the same time. I would definietly buy this tv if its avilable at reasonable price.

  • Im looking forward for this TV to arrive in the market for a more reasonable price and I will definitely invest money in purchasing this product. One of the most interesting features I found to be helpful was the voice recognition.

  • I am going to stick with my regular HDTV with remote until this becomes the new standard. I am definitely a late adopter because I am frugal with my money when it comes to new technologies. Technology moves way to fast for me to drop $3000 on a tv that will be obsolete or just plain old within a year or two.