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Here is something I found which I thought was pretty funny but at the same time something helpful. “Just like “drunk-texting” there is also a symptom called “drunk-posting.” For those of you who are guilty of this, there is now the Social Media Sobriety Test that will deter you from doing such embarrassing things. Drunk-posting is the result of getting hammered and engaging in social media sites late at night, only to regret your slurred posts the next morning. The Social Media Sobriety Test app lets you input what times you are most vulnerable and blocks you from accessing Facebook or Twitter during those hours.” -Summer Luu

Check out this video for more info on it.


  • Profile photo of Iris Kapo

    Although it’s really funny that this app even exists, it is also very sad. If you’re that drunk. spare yourself the embarrassment, and just go to bed.

    • Profile photo of Eric E. Moses

      Agree with Iris 100%! This is pretty ridiculous and seems unnecessary. Who would have the foresight to decide they’re going to install a timer sobriety test (which probably isn’t even hard to do if you’re drunk) in order to stop themselves from posting when they’re drunk? If you care that much about not posting drunk, it shouldn’t be hard for you to not go on and embarrass yourself. If you are too drunk to remember that you really don’t want to drunk post, then maybe you have bigger issues than what you’re posting online.

  • Profile photo of George A Varghese

    The social media sobriety test is pretty clever. I never really knew the negative effects of drunk posts but I guess it can get out of hand at times.

  • Profile photo of Joby George

    It is sad that it has come to this point, where we need an app to keep us from making drunk mistakes through social media. And as Eric says, people should be able to control their urges to post when drunk without this silly app; and you surely do have bigger issues if you can’t remember it.

  • Profile photo of Samantha Turner

    This is really funny. I don’t think this should ever be that serious of an application, but SOME people should use it! Sometimes I will be on Facebook or Twitter and reading someone’s posts just thinking, “they’re definitely drunk/going to regret that one in the morning!”. It’s NOT anything people should make a habit!

  • Profile photo of Collin S Mitchell

    Wow, I really don’t think there’s a need for this, but then again I’m sure some people probably disagree. You should know when your’e too drunk to post something on a social media site, or know that your’e going to regret your post, no matter how much you don’t really care at the time.

  • Profile photo of Janelle Grant

    Great Idea! This could save a lot of people from losing their jobs. Then again, it does say “too intoxicated to post.” Someone needs to tell them to change that message immediately.

  • Profile photo of Ugochukwu U. Opara

    Wow! This is a pretty cool app. My only concern is what if you are looking for a job and you get hit with the “such and such is too intoxicated to post right now” status. I think it’s a novelty idea at the most. I don’t want to see anyone in our class with it!

  • Profile photo of Nathaniel H. Rosen

    This is hilarious but I definitely wouldn’t use it. I think this is great for increasing awareness towards Webroot as a brand. I can see how this program might be useful to some of my friends!

  • Profile photo of Michael J Smith

    I have heard of this app before but was never able to see it. I think it’s sad that it even has to exist, but today you have to prevent people from doing anything. This is almost as bad as the lawsuits against McDonald’s saying they should have to put a label on their coffee cups warning customers that the content is hot. People need to take responsibility for their own actions.

  • Profile photo of Lisa Chowning

    I thought this was a joke posting from The Onion. It’s a sure fact that the internet has exponentially increased the number of ways people can get themselves into trouble. Unfortunately, there is little that you can do once the damage is done.

  • Profile photo of Junwen Cai

    I think this social media sobriety test is pretty cool product. It helps to block you from accessing Facebook, Twitter, or other social media blog during some specify hours. We always discuss how social media will hurt our career. This sobriety test will avoid you and deter you from doing such embarrassing things… Personally, I think this product will help lots of the drunker. I like it so much! Thanks for sharing, Damanjeet!

  • Profile photo of Basil Benny

    I didn’t know the drunk posting was an issue. It’s actually very funny what people post when drunk. When I first saw this I didn’t believe this was real, but then again I should not have been surprised. This is a great program for those who have a serious problem with drunk posting.

  • Profile photo of Kenneth A Black

    This could have saved me many awkward morning afters in the past. I could never see myself actually using this but it is a cool idea that can be capitalized on for all those chronic drunk facebookers out there. I’ve learned my lesson by now…. but I am saying this sober, that may change after a few drinks ha.

  • Profile photo of Joby George

    I downloaded the app thinking it was like the the video, but it was just a “wheel of fortune” type game. Think webroot should look at a mobile version of the sobriety test because its a lot easier now to just update facebook, twitter, and send stupid texts on your phone