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Presentation: What Should We Call Me?


I stumbled upon a website a couple weeks ago that I can’t seem to get enough of. It is called What Should We Call Me? I originally found this website through Tumblr – and after the first few blog posts I was hooked. The site is made up of .gifs and are supposed to illustrate some of life’s most relate-able moments. The website was originally made as a portal for two female best friends to keep in touch while attending law school on separate coasts. The author’s claim that they did not expect their blog to become so popular: it consists mostly of inside jokes displayed through mini video clips. The site was created in February and already is estimated to have 1-2 million of page views every day. The students take .gifs that are already on the internet and make some themselves. You can also submit ideas to them to try and get them to post. Two weeks ago, WhatShouldWeCallMe posted their first advertisement. Now there is a button on their site for people who are interested in advertising. The girls, however, said their main goal will always be to “make each other laugh”, not profit off of the site. The story behind this site is really interesting and goes to show just HOW quickly, and publicly, things can spread on the internet! Check out the website though, it really is HILARIOUS. It is often  trending on twitter, too! #wswcm or #whatshouldwecallme.

Here are a couple of links to some of  my favorite posts:

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  • I also just stumbled upon this blog and it is absolutely hilarious! It amazes me how easy it is to make money over the internet, by just figuring out how to express the thing that you love and are good at over the web.

  • I actually just saw this for the first time the other night and thought it was a smart design (also has the potential to be hilarious and very entertaining if the content is good). It’s basically taking gifs that by themselves are memes and adding a bit of user personalization and customization to create a mix that makes it entertaining and unique. I think this site is a great idea – it is trying to create its own social media platform niche, and it certainly seems to have the potential even from the little bit I’ve seen.

  • Hilarious! with each post, it listed who retweeted them so it has quite a following. Very creative

  • A co-worker just introduced me to this site and I found it hilarious! The GIF’s are great and I love all of the Full House references. It’s also great that you can easily re-post it to Facebook or Tweet them. Check out this site that’s dedicated to Philly:

  • i actually was showed this website about a week ago and its just funny how many of the posts that I have seen or can relate to. I think thats what makes this website so great.

  • I’m a pretty big fan of this site and they’ve got some pretty funny stuff. I had no idea it originially started the way it did and how big it’s gotten, but it’s crazy how they’re making money off of it now.

  • I’ve been able to successful turn down depression prescription pills recommended by my psychologist with just one visits a day to this site (joke). Love the site and love this post. Gj

  • Thanks Samantha for sharing this super funny blog! This is such a magic cite which makes people laugh right away. At the same time, these two law students build up the cite which is not only estimated 1-2 million of page views every day, but also brings out lots of opportunity for posting advertisement. Great job, girls!

  • This website is amazing and hilarious. Thank you for sharing this. It is very interesting how a joke between friends became so global and now enjoyed by many.

  • It’s crazy how a joke turned to be a site enjoyed by millions and profitable as well. It just goes to show that turning an opportunity into a successful business idea can be achieved by anybody.

  • This website is great. I really love going on here and checking out the new photos that the blog posts up. The best part about this website is that they are open to taking some recommendation and requests. If you want something added, they will do it.