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Presentation: Granny caught dealing drugs

So, I came across this news report about a Granny Drug Kingpin being busted, and thought that was pretty funny. Apparently, a lot of older people get into drug trafficking, and are less likely to get caught because of their low profile. Take a look at the video–abc-news-topstories.html

10 Responses to Presentation: Granny caught dealing drugs

  • wow, i think the number of elders on drug trafficking will definitely increase in the future with all the issues with social security.

  • I’m very surprised and wonder what will happen to her. I also wonder whether this economy will influence “good” people to engage in illegal activity in order to earn money.

  • Wowsers! Talk about shocking! I applaud her for taking retirement into her own hands.

  • Its surprising how many elderly drug dealers there are. I would never expect a grandma or grandpa being a kingpin of a drug dealing operation. This shows that anybody can be a drug dealer.

  • I’ve actually seen this video before but you can’t deny how funny it is. It seems like something out of a movie. It’s funny how she said it was part of her retirement fund. I wonder what will happen to her..

  • What a G.

  • What sad news for everyone to hear! Most “drug Kingpin” is elders. Darlene Mayee, silver haired, and sweet faced, one of Oklahoma’s biggest drug kingpins, said the money was part of her retired fund. It also brings out another question, how the government treats elders for their retired plans. Why they need to face on danger of “drug kingpin”?

  • This was shocking to see granny dealing drugs at her age and being so successful at without being caught for so long. I must agree with Mr. Nguyen.

  • You think you’ve seen it all then a grandmother sells drugs. This was an incredible story; its interesting how this wasn’t the first incident, there have been other stories of senior citizens selling drugs.

  • I have heard numerous stories of senior citizens selling drugs and this is just one of many. A grandmother selling drugs is quite entertaining and it just shows how futile this billion dollar war on drugs really is.