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Exp.Video: Personal Self Defense Class Simulation

I had taken a Self Defense for Women workshop and I really enjoyed it. Since I had some free electives to fulfill this semester I decided to take a “Personal Self Defense for Women” class. My instructors, Michelle Harmon and Frank Gonzalez (a Temple police officer), were both passionate about teaching this course. The class taught me different ways to defend myself in various situations. I learned techniques such as getting released from a wrist hold, bear hug, ground defense, and much more. Being a girl I am more likely to be attacked. Knowing these techniques will help me to get out of dangerous situations. This class is extremely helpful and I feel like every girl needs to take a self defense class.

This past week we had to perform simulations as if we were really being attacked. For the simulations we had to use techniques to get out of certain situations. We learned so much more then what is shown in this video but the techniques shown in this video are techniques that are relevant to that particular situation.

I thought this was a great opportunity for me to make my video for this class. I asked one of my classmates to film me while I performed the simulations. This is my first video that I have edited and uploaded myself.

Also, the men shown in this video are Temple police officers. You have to be either a woman or a police officer in order to teach a RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) class.



8 Responses to Exp.Video: Personal Self Defense Class Simulation

  • Thank you for posting this video. I’ve always wanted to take this class as well, but every time I try to register it’s always full! I noticed that you squared your shoulders with your attacker, continually kicked them to get your point across, and also hit them in the head. These seem like no-brainers, but when you’re being attacked it’s hard to concentrate on what you need to do! Do you have any tips from the class for keeping a level head in order to think clearly so we can all remember how to properly defend ourselves?

    You did a great job editing, adding transitions, text, and music to your video!

  • I think its funny how these guys look like Star Wars characters lol. But I think this is a great class. I actually got mugged two months ago and which I had a couple more tricks up my sleeve to prevent it. Instead I went a purchased a teaser and pepper spray. How long did it take you to learn all of this and where would i go to find classes like this?

  • This is really a great video and also entertaining lol. I was wondering if the police officer was hurt during the making of the video. Was there a moment in your life where you think that you can apply the skills that you learned in your class to your life?

  • What a fun video! I think I need to take one of these kinds of self-defense class. It is very helpful to know these techniques to get out of dangerous situations. Thanks for sharing this useful information, Denisa. I agree with you every girl needs to take a self-defense class in order to defense ourselves. I can’t wait for taking this class!

  • This class looks like a lot of fun!! Hopefully you never will have to use what you’ve learned, but it is a good skill to have just in case.

  • Your video is great and its both informative and a little entertaining. I head about this class before and I’m sad I wasn’t able to take it because it looks like you learned a lot of useful information. How much padding did the instructors have on? They kind of look like robots! Great job

  • Nice video. I feel bad for the person who attacks you.

  • This video is so good and helpful. I and many other temple students walk around these dangerous streets so learning these kind of skills are great not just for now but for your entire life.