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Video going viral

Hi Everyone,

This semester, I had the opportunity to intern at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in their Child Life Department. During my time I have learned a lot and was able to work on a great deal of projects. One of the projects I did was a video of a flash mob that some of the staff members performed and after the video was posted to the hospital’s Youtube page it really took off. We’re trying to get the video to go viral at the moment and the ultimate goal is to get Ryan Seacrest to tweet about it (his charitable foundation funds our station at CHOP)! Let me know what you think about the video or if you have any tips to get the word out online. Thanks!


10 Responses to Video going viral

  • This looks like it was a lot of fun to perform. Where was the performance held at? Have you tried direct tweeting this video to Ryan Seacrest Twitter?

  • This video looks like it was a lot of fun to make. You might want to ask whoever made it to tag Ryan Seacrest’s foundation or try to put the name of the foundation somewhere in the video, that way if it gets googled, it can come up.

  • Great video looks like it took a lot of time to make. You should do both what Paul and Gloria said you should also try to call Ryan Seacrest’s manager or other people that work closely with him. Also try contacting programs he is currently involved with.

  • This is awesome!!! It’s difficult to get everyone together performing as a well-oiled machine. Props to everyone who participated in making this work! It turned out really well. I would definitely upload this video to as many social sites as possible and get it circulating. Maybe contact local news affiliates to have it aired on the news?! You have to start small in order to get big! Good luck! I’ll definitely be posting this on my Facebook 🙂

  • This is the most precious video I have seen in a while. I love how you connected your love for children with the digital (social media) world. I hope your video becomes viral and more people learn about the hospitals efforts.

  • Of course i will help promote the crap out of this video! lol I personal love the message behind the video and the fact that’s it for a good cause. Two thumbs up for the puppets and red wagons! I hope you reach your goal and that your video becomes viral and more people learn about the hospitals efforts.

  • I also enjoyed watching the video. Like Jasmine said I hope your video goes viral and people get inspired by the video and more people would volunteer at CHOP.

  • I like this video a lot because I can see it took many different times to film it and with lots of volunteer dancer’s love and patience. I hope this video can go viral soon, and then more people can share and enjoy this wonderful love at CHOP.

  • Great video! I was part of a flash mob once but it wasn’t nearly as intricate as yours! It takes a lot of work to coordinate such a big group of people and get them all on the same page, so congrats on accomplishing that! I don’t know why but as soon as I finished reading your goal I thought of Ellen Degeneres. You could submit the video to her show or tweet it to her. It might be easier to get to Ellen, just because she loves interacting with fans, and she can help you get to Ryan. Who knows, you might even be able to get on her show! Just a thought 🙂

  • This is actually really funny because I was part of a flash mob recently at the student center. Always a blast!