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EXP.ONBOARD – Instagram

I’ve always wanted to check out instagram since there is a ton of buzz about it right now. I finally got the chance and decided to download and test the app on my Android phone. These type of apps usually don’t appeal to me since i’m not an art fan. To my surprise, I had a really engaging experience with the app and on top of that, it was  extremely simple to use.


The following review will give you a visual representation of how to use Instagram for Android:


The service itself didn’t really teach you how to use it since everything is so straight forward but videos like the one above can easily be found  in case anyone has any difficulties with it.


Here is my first instagram upload:

8 Responses to EXP.ONBOARD – Instagram

  • You finally gave in! Welcome to the Instagram world. I find it very addictive. I constantly look at things and wonder how they would look with a different filter. It is really easy to use. Sometimes something as simple as Instagram doesn’t need much of an explanation. It’s one of those things that you have to play around with to see what you like/prefer. If you’d like to enhance your photos even more before Instagramming them, I suggest Camera+ (I think it’s $0.99, but I’m unaware if it’s available for Android). Also, to create a picture collage, PicStitch is a very easy and straight-forward app, if you really get into posting pictures.

  • I have an iPhone and I recently just got an account on Instagram and im in love with it so far. Every picture I like I tend to upload it to Instagram and use the effects to make it look better. The filters for instagram are phenomenal. Almost each filter changes the picture up in a certain way that you could not have imagined the picture looking like before editing. I would definitely recommend trying this app out and downloading it to your smartphones for iPhone and Android.

  • I love instagram. Even though I am not part of the i-Phone movement, I decided to download the application on my i-Pod and absolutely love it. It reminds me of the application lunapic, and as someone interested in editing and photography, this is the best invention known to man in my eyes.

  • I’m not consistent enough on Instagram. There are way too many Instagram type apps out there and I think I joined too many early on. I wish they would all merge into a Supergram or something so I only have to go to one place to share my pictures.

  • Oh, Instagram is very addictive. I had no interest in it until I downloaded the app. It’s cool, and it’s very helpful to reach out to people with similar interests. I play with it every day, transforming simple pictures into phenomenal photography.

  • Yea it took me a little while to understand/figure out all the capabilities of instagram but after a few weeks I was hooked. I feel like I got the app at a good time, right before FB acquired them when they were still riding their own hype. I hope FB doesn’t mess it up like it does with everything else it does.

  • I’ve had Instagram for a few months now and I love it! More times then not, if I am taking a picture with my iPod, I will take it with that program instead of the basic camera. It’s very easy to use and all of your pictures look great without much editing. I’m very interested to see how Facebook is going to incorporate this program into their site, but I hope they leave it as is. It’s so much fun to use!

  • Check out Screenr for video tutorials. It’s an awesome service for video tutorials.