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For this activity, I decided to sign up for and look at how the site helps new users understand the site functions. A few people I know have used this service before for blogging, so I was interested to try it out. Before you sign up for the site, there is a great deal of information about who uses the site and how it’s useful for a variety of people. The site seems simple to customize and there are easy-to-use security settings and content creation. The homepage also offers access to popular user’s “spaces” to give new users an idea of what the site can look like.

After completing the basic sign-up, the site sent me a confirmation e-mail and I was able to access different parts of the site. There is no clear site introduction for new users, so I started by looking at the About page, which had some information about the purpose of the site, but not much more. The FAQ page offers a lot of information for new users and there are links to tell you how to add anything to your site. The major problem with this page is that it does not allow you to easily click back between the page you are editing and the FAQ page that gives you the steps to follow. It would be much easier for new users if there were pop-up instructions every time you try a new feature of the site.

I decided that the easiest way to start learning this site was to start using it. I began by creating a new space for my video work and then tried to post a video from Youtube. It actually was very easy to do and overall this site seems user-friendly. Although does not have a lot guided instructions for new users, the site is easy to manipulate and can be picked up easily. I plan to continue to use this site to blog and I am excited to see what else I can do with it.

This is a screenshot of my first Posterous site.

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