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EXP.ONBOARD : Instagram

Instagram for Android is a swift little app for my camera.  I have a Motorola Triumph phone which has a 5MP camera but the stock photos are absolutely horrible.  It doesn’t capture light correctly and produces faded photos.  I have never really given Instagram a chance, mainly because it has not been available for Android and I don’t like to jump into hype momentums.  Anyway, I’m a big foodie and it is very discouraging to get pictures of food that turn out to look unappetizing.  An example is a photo of basil-pesto pasta that I made.

Here is the photo without Instagram…


 The instagram just adds filters that my stock camera is missing.  The only thing that is truly a negative is that Instagram can’t do a whole photo.  It has to take a reduced size version, but that is a minor fault.

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  • I like the before and after picture! You were really able to show us how the picture was transformed. I use Instagram almost daily, and whenever I take a photo that I plan to Instagram, I always have to account for the space around the item that I will lose once it is cropped in the application. You are able to take a picture while the application is open and the photo should not be resized, but the quality is not as good as it is without the app.

  • It’s good to actually see the difference, I have yet to use Instagram, so I haven’t really seen what the actual picture looks like. Thanks

  • The after picture looks much better, and the food looks even better

  • I was actually playing with my friend’s smartphone this weekend and she had Instagram on her phone. It was cool to see how the app actually works and the pages that people have created with their photos. Instagram really does make pictures look a lot better. Dan, I’m really impressed with your cooking skills. The only question left to ask is, did the pasta taste as good as it looks? I’m sure it did but you might have to bring some in to class so we can decide for ourselves 😉

  • That food looks so good. Isn’t it fun to play with filters to make up for bad lightning in a photo? You can get the desired colors you want to stand out by scrolling through them and picking the best one.

  • It kind of surprises me how popular and how much money instagram has made from a website where its only purpose is to add filters to photos. If only I thought of it first..

  • The texture differences Instagram makes is pretty impressive. It’s cool that an app has the ability to do that throught the simple use of filters.

  • I think instagram is a pretty cool idea but i dont know what the big deal about it is? If im not mistaken, its a camera with a filter on it? There is a lot of hype going around but great picture Dan!

  • I definitively am a huge Instamatic user, and I agree with you 100% when it comes to how the picture gets cut off and you are limited in this way. Food looks great by the way 🙂