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DailyBooth: A fun way of picture sharing

At DailyBooth, they allow you to share and upload daily picture in seconds. The interaction is very similar to the addictive twitter actions. Here how they helped me started, first the very obvious they helped me connect to my Facebook and twitter friends and then suggest people who I want to follow. After that is pretty much self explanatory. First they ask you to snap pictures of any random things, could be yourself or any objects. Write a funny comment to tag along with it, start sharing and follow others. I checked out some picture of others, some of them are pretty amusing.

2 Responses to DailyBooth: A fun way of picture sharing

  • New technology these days allow you to do things very quickly. I feel as if people couldnt do something in a convenient way such as on your phone, items will be come a flop.

  • Do you think DailyBooth will face challenges with Instagram?