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My Interview with Amanda Sullivan In regrades to her social media internship:

Who is your internship with?

My internship is with GuestCounts Hospitality. They are a hospitality concept that owns Cuba Libre restaurant in Phila., DC, Atlantic City, and Orlando. They also just launched a new brand Square Peg Restaurant on 10th and Walnut featuring upscale diner food.

How do you use social media in your internship?

I use social media as a marketing tool. SEO is my most important task because it’s a source of finding out if our target market is looking for us. Based on SEO results I assist with the twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc accounts to reach out to our target and maintain relations with current customers.

What is your favorite part about using social media in your internship

My favorite part is that I’m doing something that I enjoy, something I would do for fun on my own time.




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  • Having a profession that you really love to do goes a lot farther than doing something that you dont love to do. Getting this internship is a great way to market yourself and getting it in the field that you love is even better. Congrats!!