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After reading the article, In a Race to Out-Rave, 5-Star Web Reviews Go for $5, it became pretty obvious to me that many sites are using fake reviews to boast about products on Amazon and hotels on TripAdvisor. After reading this article, I wanted to see if what the article was saying was obvious to spot. I then went to Amazon and everything the article said made sense. When you go to look at reviews for a product, the first posts are labeled as “Most Helpful Customer Reviews”. These reviews are very lengthy and go on and on about how great the product your viewing is. In order to see more realistic reviews from actual customers, you must click on “See all customer reviews”. This is where you can actually get a feel for how great the product your thinking about buying really is.

I think it is smart for companies to pay people to write a fake review that will increase sales. However, if the products that people are purchasing are not so great, they may lose business and lose the trust of their customers.