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EXP.ONBOARD: Instagram

The service that I decided to sign up for was Instagram. When I first heard about Instagram I did not fully get the concept of it. When I downloaded Instagram on my iPhone I was eager to start using it. When I first downloaded the app on my phone it did not really have a detailed description on how to use it. It automatically took me to the page where I had to create my user profile. Once I created my user profile I linked it to my Facebook page so that the pictures I take would appear on my Facebook.

 After I created my user profile, there was no further instruction on how to use the app. After playing on the app for a couple of minutes, I figured out how to use it. The concept of Instagram is simple to understand. Instagram allows you to take pictures and then you can add filters to those pictures. On Instagram, you are able to add friends and you can view each other’s pictures. Being someone that likes to take pictures, so far I love this App! In comparison, the pictures taken through Instagram look better than the ones taken straight from my iPhone. I know for a fact that I will be using this app a lot. I hope that one day one of my pictures makes it on the “Popular” page. The popular page is where the pictures with the most likes are posted on.

This is the first picture that I took with Instagram!

I like how Instagram gives me the option to focus on one thing. This enhances the way the flowers are displayed.

2 Responses to EXP.ONBOARD: Instagram

  • Congrats! It’s addictive so you should expect 100’s more!

  • I still haven’t used Instagram, so I still don’t understand the big sensation about it but am eager to download once I get a new phone. Until then, What would you say is your favorite feature of the app?