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Fox IT awards

Th Fox IT awards were great.  Even though I couldn’t go this year, I had a great time at the after party.  Since we were able to socialize outside the school enviornment, I had a great time.  I have been going to the Fox IT awards since I was a freshman.  I really enjoy this event because it gives me a chance to socialize with professors in a more subtle manner.  Since there is food and beverages, we can communicate on more a more in depth level.  Also watching fellow students and professor receive awards in your own school is a great feeling.  Since this program is one of the best in the country, its a great feeling of pride in being a Fox alumni.  Since I could not make it this year, I felt really angry but I could not incorporate it into my schedule. Im sure the award recipients had a great time but since I attended the after party, it made it even more fun.  While there were a lot of my friends attending the after party at Pub Webb, we all enjoyed some drinks and laughter and enjoying the times we had at Temple.  The Fox IT awards are a great place to be because they serve as a great tool for networking.  I strongly urge everyone to attend because you will not regret it.