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Instagram is my favorite app on my iPhone. I was always jealous of my friends who were able to use the app and use the filters to create such a great effect. When I finally got an iPhone last year, one of my first apps downloaded was Instagram. I make it a point to post at least once every two days, like my friends’ pictures, and follow new people. Now that Android users can use Instagram, I am able to follow even more of my own friends and stay connected. Instagram is a great social media tool because it makes something ordinary extraordinary with the awesome filters offered. We use the app at my internship to advertise menu items at one of the brands that the company owns. With the use of hashtags and accessibility to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and email, the convenience and creativity of the app makes it almost impossible not to like. If you have an Apple or Android device, I strongly suggest downloading Instagram.

The site, Social Media Examiner, didn’t really give me any good tips on how to use Instagram since I am already a heavy user. I am however glad that I signed up so I can get tips for the apps that I am not as familiar with.


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Presentation: Cinemagram

There is a new iPhone App that incorporates the same features as Instagram with the components of a video. I recently discovered it and it has become one of my favorite apps. The concept of Cinemagram is that you can take a video on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch and create a moving gif with a choice of upgraded filters similar to what Instagram has to offer to add a retro effect. This app, in my opinion, is really innovative and will definitely have an impact on social media. Relating it to our professional careers, I could see Marketing firms really taking advantage of this app as well as any firm that wants an inexpensive way to advertise. I found a video on YouTube with a brief tutorial really showing how this app works. If you have an iPhone it is worth the download.


Do you guys think that Cinemagram will take off in terms of popularity? Is Instagram enough as it is already or w0uld you be interested in created gifs like this? Just like Instagram you can follow friends and post your Cinemagrams to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Presentation- FBI Now Using Social Media

While browsing, I found a pretty interesting concept. The FBI is using Facebook and Twitter as a device to find a wanted man whom allegedly stole over $2M out of his employer’s armored car as well as murdering a Garda Cash Logistic employee. The crime occurred on February 28th in Pittsburgh, PA and after attempts at finding the wanted man, Kenneth John Konias, they are resorting to social media. Using social media to find criminals by the FBI may not be a last resort, but more so a smarter way to catch fugitives since it is so easy to find connections of just about anyone on these sites. The FBI’s Facebook page recently posted this link and had a response of over 400 shares and countless individuals who commented and liked the link. With Facebook’s way of sharing links, the FBI is wise to take advantage of social media devices to do their job and benefit the safety of society. Here is a screenshot of the FBI’s Facebook post regarding Kenneth John Konias crime:

This video from Mashable highlights the entire story as well:



McDonald’s Promoted Twitter Hashtag Disaster.

This past week fast-food giant, McDonalds’ social media team brainstormed a way for McDonald’s to positively trend on Twitter. The plan was to promote #MeetTheFarmers as a way to advertise to Twitter users that McDonald’s potatoes came from organic farmers, giving a healthier aesthetic to their famously greasy and far from healthy french fries. The social media team paid for this promotion. While the #MeetTheFarmers tweets were positively trending, the team decided to introduce another paid promotion called #McDStories. The second promotion, #McDStories, ended up causing McDonald’s to actually pay the public for bad twitter press, after just one #McDStories tweet was posted. Countless users began to tweet negative tales of their own experiences with McDonald’s franchises around the country in this article. The paid promotion for #MeetTheFarmers was not a complete failure since it has brought in some positive press in the Twitter world. 

Do you think McDonald’s was foolish to leave a paid promotion to be in the hands of the public via Twitter? Can they use Twitter as an advertising devise to market themselves as a healthier brand through this Twitter campaign? If you worked for McDonald’s Corporate office how would advise the brand to recover from the public’s negative comments with #McDStories?

  Source:  Graeme McMillan, Brad Friedman