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The Social Media Bible

Though social media books are probably outdated by the time the are officially released, this book seems to be a helpful guide for understanding social media. It starts off with introducing what social media is and why it is so important (rising popularity, two-way communication form for marketing) and the explains different types of social media; for example, pod-casts and vlogging and microblogging.

Then part two goes into further detail about social networks. An interesting topic covered is mobile social media. You can see its outdated-ness when its talks about AIM, a feature I thought was dying.

And finally the last part talks about strategies for effective social media. It says to use Google Analytic to see website traffic for blogging and to use Youtube, if you are using videos. Youtube already shows the number of views just as analytic does.

Overall, though outdate, the book gives the reader a good understanding of social media

Bonus Event:Grassroots Game Conference at the WHYY

Last Friday I went to the Grassroots Game Conference, it was a good event to experience to behind the scenes of game development. At the event majority of the game was for very simple games for ipads or iphones, and personally i more of a MW3 guy. First hand i got experience a new puzzle game, it had no instruction or direction at all. It was very confusing at first, but then they said the vision behind is to allow users to figure out how the game is play. Majority of the games i think was developed using a platform called unity, they were also the sponsors of the event. Overall the experience was pretty cool to see game developer gather up to share their ideas and passion for their work.

IT awards event

On Tuesday, April 24th I attended the IT awards sponsored by Temple University’s Fox School of Business’s Management Information Systems department. I thought it was really good networking event and there were a lot of people and aluminis. I have heard from former students that everyone should go to these events as there are potential future employers there. I already found a COOP for the summer so I wasn’t really networking a lot. I went to the event with my friend. The speeches were influential and seeing other people get awards was motivational. I really liked the event and I will definitely go next year. It was great to see my professor get a Teacher of the year Award. I did not stay for the after party.

FOX IT Awards

So last night were the Fox IT awards.  These awards are done every year and even though I couldnt make it to the this years award, I can still remember how the events are planned.  Since these awards are designed for outstanding faculty and rising students it gives recognition to the people that deserve it.  With the food and beverages, people are able socialize and gain a better understanding of one another allowing Fox to create a community within itself.  With these recognitions, people are able to better their job prospects and the awards create an avenue for success.  Since the management information systems major is a small community within Fox, people are able to connect with one another on a more personal level.  People are able to find out about their history, future goals, and just the general information about someones life.  When I went to the IT awards two years ago, I was able to communicate with professors on a more personal level.  Since it was an occasion outside of the classroom it was more relaxed yet interesting at the same time.  By talking with different professors and students, I have been able to secure jobs in different aspects of the MIS world.  The IT awards are definately a great time and would urge everyone to go for at least one year.  Plus who would want to miss out on free food and free beverages!  After the IT awards comes the after party this year which I went to.  Even though it is a little small, it is still a great time!


After reading through the list of social media tools, I decided to sign up to Instagram.  I have an Android based Motorola Droid 4, so I downloaded the new Instagram for Android which just recently came out.  After opening it, it prompted me to sign up and create a user profile.  I did this, and linked my Instagram to my facebook, so that photos I take and edit would be posted directly to my Facebook as well.

After the initial sign up, there was no further instruction or introduction.  It is pretty self explanatory, and simplistic to use, but I noticed that there is no easy way to get help in the application (not that most people would need it).  I explored the application and took a few pictures in the days that followed.  What could use some explanation is the tagging of the pictures.I’m not really a big Twitter user, so I didn’t quite understand how to tag the photos.  What you’re supposed to do is put a tag with the picture that then is used to sort it with pictures with similar tags so that as you look around at pictures on Instagram you can see similar pictures, or easily find a certain type of picture you’re looking for.  Overall it’s a cool app, with simple filters and easy functions, but probably wont be something I used very often.

I took one photo after cleaning my car and published it HERE

SEER Interactive Bonus Event

On Friday, April 13th, I attended a fascinating SEER Interactive Event, a Search Marketing Day. SEER represents a group of talented, passionate, and innovative young people who specialize in the Search Marketing Industry, and who are certified to provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-Click) services to various companies and educational establishments. It was a very interesting Search Marketing Day at their very unique office building, which is a church. Thus, SEER is also known as a “Church Search.” SEER presenters covered multiple topics, including the following: how to get into the Search Industry, what qualifications an individual should possess to work at SEER, what content a website should have in order to get rewards from Google, core metrics of PPC, how to write a quality content, and the benefits of linking. SEER Interactive is extremely passionate about getting best results to their clients and at the same time maintain their unique culture. These individuals are committed to giving back to the community and strive to become the search industry thought leaders. I recommend everyone to visit their website , like them  at, and follow them on Twitter @SEERInteractive.

“Google Gets in Your Eyes”

There are recent rumors that Google is in the midst of developing a pair of glasses that would allow people to connect to the Internet and perform a variety of other features. The glasses would allow users to connect to the Internet and include a global positioning system as well as a phone. It would also be able to display user readable content. There is speculation that the Google glasses will run a version of Android and will have a front facing camera and flash. Users will have to tilt their heads to scroll and click on the glasses. The glasses will also feature a voice input and output, and may have up to 8 GB of storage.

The link to the article is “Google Gets in Your Eyes”


Is this a product you see yourself buying in the future?

What purposes do you think these glasses could serve in society? *There is already speculation of the military using glasses like these

Google Gets in Your Eyes

Gisele bashes Patriots!

The Superbowl concluded on Sunday with the Patriots, once again, losing to the Giants. Now, I am not a HUGE football fan. I am however a big fan of Gisele Bundchen, Victoria’s Secret model and wife of Tom Brady. The press is in an uproar about a comment made to friends surrounding her after the game, stating the following:

“You have to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball”

“My husband cannot f–king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

There seem to be MANY mixed feelings about this comment, ranging from ANGRY Patriot’s fans who are furious with Gisele’s comment cutting up Patriot’s receivers, to people backing her up and saying she was defending her husband. I personally think this was a comment made to her friends, obviously venting over the loss. Her back was turned when the person took a video (on a camera phone) – so it is not like she was intentionally speaking negatively about the Patriots receivers in public. What I really take from this story is that you can’t risk saying anything to anyone anymore! With the non stop advances in technology, there seem to be eyes and ears everywhere!

That being said, I’ll always remain on Team Gisele……..

What do YOU think?!

Getting to know you

hello, world

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Welcome to your course blog!

Welcome to your course blog!

Every student registered in Spring 2012, MIS3538 will help author this blog.

You will use the course blog to post responses to weekly discussion questions, to post your own discussion questions, to post blog entries about the topics you present on, and to post any other blog entries that want to share with the class! This blog is where you interact with fellow students. The course blog, Social Media Innovation by Prof. Johnson, is where you head for course announcements.

You will also be creating your own personal class blog on a topic of your own choosing. That’s where you’ll post one or two entries a week on a topic you’re really interested in. Once everyone has those blogs set up, I’ll add links to them in the blog roll.

To make it a little bit easier to find everything, you can also use the course portal as your class “home page”.

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